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Actually Tangle I want to try one of those sometime. See I want a good light to carry, a good one to leave in the vehicle, and a good one to leave by my pistol safe. I think next I'll get one of those and that way I'll have these 3 lights and I'll carry whichever one I like best.

I personally think that the filter in the Thunder Ranch illumination system is a little bit silly. Honestly, why do I need a green filter...? And I already have most of that stuff I don't need another Photon :p
Although I have to admit that's a good idea for a product to bundle it all together like that.
I agree on the filters and even the TR package, it was the fact that Clint could have chosen any manufacturer he wanted to. He tried the Streamlight TL-2 LED and that become his tactical light. The rest is just fluff stuff.

When you get one, you'll like it.