Do you carry an extra clip?

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Thread: Do you carry an extra clip?

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    Do you carry an extra clip?

    Do you always try to carry an extra clip or in the case of a wheel gun a speed loader most of the time?

    Please share why you feel the need to or do not.

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    Member Array iball's Avatar
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    Apr 2008
    Extra clip in the vehicle and one on me.

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    Dec 2005
    I mostly carry an extra magazine.

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    Member Array detroit9mm's Avatar
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    Mar 2008
    I believe they are called "magazines" and yes I carry one quite often.

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    VIP Member Array deadeye72's Avatar
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    Feb 2008
    Central Mississippi
    I always carry two spare mags and my wife carries two speed loaders for her Rossi .357. Reason is the same as why I carry the gun. It is better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it. If it would not weigh me down so bad, I would carry five spare mags, but I think that might be a little overkill.
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    I do not carry a clip, unless I have my SKS or M1 carbine.

    I do carry a spare magazine with my pistol (and my M-1 carbine too.)
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    Central Iowa

    Yes, I carry a spare magazine.

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    Midlothian, VA
    The gun I carry has 10 +1 in the pipe. I really don't plan to ever get caught in a fire-fight with an armed mob; it's purely for defensive purposes only, and only as a measure of last resort. If I need more rounds than I have, I guess I'm going to be in serious trouble - but short of an armed insurrection spontaneously breaking out in my neighborhood, I don't see ever having the need for more bullets.

    That being said - military folks and/or LEO's obviously need to carry as many rounds as they can.
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    Yes, I always have extra mags. A 20 rounder for my M&P .40 and at least extra mag for my PPS. Since mags are usually the first thing to go on a pistol, I want to be able to correct that. My M&P also has a mag safety, so if for some reason I need to get the mag out of the gun to disable it, I need to be able to either reload it or pull the PPS or knife.
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    Nashville, TN
    The primary reason for carrying a spare magazine (in civilian terms) isn't so much the need for more ammo as much as it's a safeguard against a magazine related failure that would otherwise render your pistol useless.

    Wheelguns are a somewhat different animal in this respect: I feel well prepared carrying a 1911 with 8+1 .45acp rounds (and a spare mag for the previously mentioned reason). However, 5 rounds of .38spl +P in a snubby doesn't give me the same fuzzy feeling. Sure, 5 rounds will probably handle any situation I'd ever find myself in but "probably" ain't good enough odds for me. When I carry my j-frame it's mostly deep concealment when my Glock or 1911 just aren't practical due to size and wardrobe. At those times, I carry one or two speedstrips, one or two Safariland speedloaders, or some combination of them.

    Once my PPk tests out reliably I'll be carrying that as my deep concealment or BUG as well. Loaded with 90gr. Double Tap Gold Dots and one or two spare mags I'm pretty comfortable with it.

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    Member Array Blademan21's Avatar
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    So. California

    carry an extra clip/mag

    Always--Extra mag for the Glock 36 and speed strips for the S&W 642 and 696. Its like having a spare tire in the trunk. Never know when you will need it. Or it can be called redundant safety equipment.
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    While I don't expect to ever need more than the 10 rounds in my XD9sc, being prepared for the unexpected is why I carry in the first place. Therefore, I also have a spare mag on me and one in the car.

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    I voted no, I dont carry anything that requires a clip, those are all safe queens.

    It is of most importance to carry a reload for your carry gun. Most of the time they come in the form of a magazine when talking about semi automatics.
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    Two things that Clint Smith says that I agree with: one is none, and two is one; I'd hate to die from the lack of firing back.

    Always two on the weak side, and if I have to go somewhere I don't like, another behind the gun. I would carry more, but I need to buy more mags.

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    I answered yes, even though my bottom-feeder is magazine fed.

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