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Surefire has me for life

This is a discussion on Surefire has me for life within the Related Gear & Equipment forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; unfortunately, or furtunately...depending on how you look at it...the same thing happened to me, about 3 minutes after taking it out of the package!...opened it, ...

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Thread: Surefire has me for life

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    unfortunately, or furtunately...depending on how you look at it...the same thing happened to me, about 3 minutes after taking it out of the package!...opened it, put batteries in it...took it outside, and within 3 sec...nothing...called surefire and they next day aired me a new bulb I ordered the 120 lumen upgrade and batteries, they shipped it all free, and now I have an extra light assembly for emergency.
    yes I am a customer for life also.

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    I've got two G2's. Surefire make the best lights period!

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    I've got 3 Surefire lights now, E2e, 6P, and G2Z, and although I've been through tons of batteries the only bulb that I've had to replace was in my E2e and that was b/c I droped it and it exploded. They are a little pricey but by far the best lights out there.
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    Surefire has me for life got 3 lights from them and still collecting.
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    I have a Surefire G2 and it has been a reliable companion for years, I probably will get one of their LED models next.

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    And I can not even get the clip for my E2D which is "backordered". Even if it is free I am not impressed. They did not even have the courtesy to tell me this on the first emailing. I had to write then again 2 weeks later to find this out:

    Dear Sir,

    The E2D belt clips are nearly always back ordered. We simply have trouble pushing them out as fast as they are going. We typically do not inform the customer unless they inquire about it, since these parts are free of charge anyway.

    Thank you

    I would be willing to pay for it so I can carry my flashlight. If I can't use the light as intended, being free does not improve the situation. Needless to say my enthusiasm for Surfire is dwindling rapidly after the initial response.


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    Not to rain on the parade but I found their service to be mediocre rather than their claims of "world-class customer service" which was posted on the bottom of all of their return emails. The first time I emailed them, they asked me to call them instead. It took 3 separate emails from me to get an RMA# for my E1L which mysteriously stopped producing light for about 5 seconds when clicked on. I told them that "world-class customer service" would have had them send out a replacement head instead of me having to send the whole flashlight and wait 4-6 weeks for a replacement.

    I've experienced "world-class customer service" before, but not from surefire.

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    LED is the way to go if you use your light alot. I have a surefire and a fenix T1LED, the fenix gets used because its run time is 5x's longer than the surefire.

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    Great people to deal with and REALLY stand behind their products. Had a box of batteries that went flat before their posted shelf life date, they replaced them all NO problem.

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