Hospital Campus Police and Tasers?

Hospital Campus Police and Tasers?

This is a discussion on Hospital Campus Police and Tasers? within the Related Gear & Equipment forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I'm currently a Police Officer for a local Hospital Campus. Myself and the other officers are armed but only with a handgun. Most of our ...

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Thread: Hospital Campus Police and Tasers?

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    Hospital Campus Police and Tasers?

    I'm currently a Police Officer for a local Hospital Campus. Myself and the other officers are armed but only with a handgun.
    Most of our problems - and they are frequent (our side of town seems to be a magnet to trouble) are such that don't require shooting and of course those causing the problems know this.
    Often scuffles and physical intervention is required to handle some of these situations, sometimes resulting in someone getting injured (the officer and the subject).
    We have asked for our policies to be changed to include the authorized use of Tasers which when required would greatly reduce injuries resulting getting into physical interventions (fights).
    I've been a reserve police officer for the city I live in since 1999 and a National Guard Combat MP for several years (served in Germany as well as Iraq).
    I know often just the presence and display of a taser can and often does deescalate what otherwise would require physical intervention (fighting) thus avoiding injury to the officer and the subject.
    Our director might can be persuaded to allow our use of Tasers IF I were able to present other cases where Hospital Officers are authorized to carry and perhaps examples of their use in situations.
    Sorry this is so long but bottom line is - do you know of any hospitals where the officers carry tasers? Enough info to allow me contact information to follow up?

    Thanks in advance.
    For God, Family and Country!

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    PM sent.

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    I dont know for certain, but I'm pretty darn sure University Hospital's officers in Cinci carry Tasers.

    Shoot an email to Taser; I know they will be very willing to provide contact info for other like agencies.
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    With my Job I am in and out of hospitals in Indiana.

    So far I have found a few hospitals that have security with firearms. Some rely on the male staff to help out when needed.... I honestly do feel better knowing that some places have the staff trained and able to respond to out of control folks. I worked at a hospital and 80% of the security was old guys who would use cains on the way in and stored them in the lockers while on duty.

    This is what I have seen so far. I have been to about 30 different hoapitals across the state but can't remember all. If I can think of other I will add to my list...

    One hospital has a City police officer working the ER. He is in full City police gear with all the bells and whistles. That hospital is part of the Howard regional medical center. this is located in Kokomo Indiana.

    One hospital the security carrys handguns, one guy had a nice shiny revolver and the other guy had some kind of semi-auto. No tasers were carried. That hospital is marion general hospital in Marion Indiana.

    One hospital has what looks like campus police and not just security. I don't remeber them having tasers but the guys I seen had a full utility belt. That hospital is part of a larger health system in Indianapolis Indiana. Clarian Health is the name of the orginazation.

    If you need contact info just PM me and I can get you some phone numbers if needed.


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    Well, our hospital/university cops should be the 'experts' in use of the taser. I am speaking of the Gator Cops......the original, the funny......the 'guys' responsible for the "Don't Taze Me Bro" bumper stickers you saw on Fox News...

    I'd call the University of Florida's campus cops (fully authorized to lighten up your day)...I'm sure that you would find them able to assist you with some ideas...OMO

    Stay armed...use 'electricity', it's economical...stay safe!
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    Taser Carry in Hospitals by Security

    I to work in hospital security- Shriners in MN for 18 years FT-- Hope to retire from here as it is a great place but.. keep reading

    PT at united in St. Paul, MN for about 5 years--

    At Shriners they are going backwards-- I now have ASP, cuffs, Freeze +P) They are going to teach us CPI (talk nice to people-lesser of verbal judo) of which I have had- The kicker is they HAVE to teach how to take someone down (if we can get staff to help that is) but don't want us to do it-- Admin. says they are worried about liability, don't know how they actually expect us to keep on protecting but...
    Sorry, I'm at work and am looking at our new possible uniform, gray pants, white shirt with tie, and red suit and had to vent
    The menality of some peace-nics!!! I have suggested our new uniform to have a Smile face on front that says "how may I help you" and on back "in case of emergency call 911"--

    Anyways at Untied they should start training us with Tasers soon- We all ready carry mace, cuffs, ASP--

    Abbott Hospital in MN all ready has some officers carrying Tasers

    HCMC (County Hospital) carries Tasers-- Rumor is they will get special PD powers by the end of 2008, and some will carry guns???

    St. Cloud Hospital has had Tasers for years--

    It seems like most hospital in the TwinCities are at least thinking about starting to carry them--

    I would suggest checking out Tasers web site--

    MN is a weird state- IWe only act as private citizens if you know what I mean-- hope other hospitals will follow suit after HCMC but ?? who knows???

    Stay Safe- Send me a PM if you wish- I am curious to see how many other hospital security guys are out there--
    Semper Fi

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    you could always use the incentive for tasers by saying look if somebodys having a heart attack and you don't have a defribillator available we could tase him instead
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    Play this for your boss. He pleads your case for you.
    YouTube - taser victim

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    My hospital's security doesn't even have a baton, pretty much worthless security. I can't tell you how many times I've wrestled people to the ground while they are just standing there. Luckily the local PD is right up the street and one usually hangs around when not busy. Several other area hospitals have armed security, but haven't seen any of them with tazers.

    They are excellent tools for hospital security/police IMHO. I have seen some LEO's just point them at an excalating subject and they think twice about being a jerk. "Dry stunning", is a better means of using them, as you don't have to pull any leads out of anyone. I saw a kid last week tazed in the face, he wasnt happy when the leads were yanked out.

    Maybe contact your hospitals adminstrator about allowing their use.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Schwebel View Post
    "Dry stunning", is a better means of using them, as you don't have to pull any leads out of anyone.
    A SIXTO (Taser certified instructor, factory armorer and state certified conductive energy weapons expert) public educational public service announcement;

    The term is "Drive stun" and it is not the better option of the two ways to deploy a Taser. It seroiusly limits your options, and creates an increased risk to the officer.

    Back to the thread.
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    I reserve the right to make fun, point and laugh etc.

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    as in a previous post, the Taser corporation should be able to hook you up with all kinds of good info to help convince the powers that be

    just asked my wife about the hospital she works at...their security guard have a big set of keys and a small flashlight
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