Camelback Goblin and Demon Review

Camelback Goblin and Demon Review

This is a discussion on Camelback Goblin and Demon Review within the Related Gear & Equipment forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; A forum member sent me an e-mail a while back asking me to review my Goblin pack. Since I have both of Camelback’s concealment packs ...

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Thread: Camelback Goblin and Demon Review

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    Camelback Goblin and Demon Review

    A forum member sent me an e-mail a while back asking me to review my Goblin pack. Since I have both of Camelback’s concealment packs I’ve opted to show a bit of both. Both packs were designed for law enforcement use in situations where concealment via other methods is impractical.

    Camelback Goblin and Demon Review-side-side.jpg

    The Goblin is a small to medium sized fanny pack. It has a 28 ounce water bladder and a cargo capacity of 350 cubic inches. It comes in blue color only and retails for $60.

    The Goblin does not look like a concealment pack. I use mine a great deal and it has never attracted any attention. It is an excellent cycling and walking pack, with a large enough weapons compartment to hold any of my three carry weapons – A Kimber .45 UCII, a Mustang .380, or a 2-1/2” Colt Python . I generally carry the .380 in it – with the larger guns you feel the weight more. With the Mustang it is unnoticeable even while running. The weapon is concealed in a padded Velcro secured compartment that is opened by yanking two attached loop handles in opposite directions. It is not easy to do behind your back but is easy enough if I move it a bit to the side.

    I also own a Coronado Leather Stealth Pack which I consider to be a fantstic pack. I have quit using it in favor of the Goblin because I think it looks like a gun pack where the Goblin does not.

    Camelback Goblin and Demon Review-goblin-1.jpgCamelback Goblin and Demon Review-goblin-open.jpg

    The Demon is a larger, daypack sized backpack. It is extremely well constructed and a first rate daypack. The water compartment holds 72 ounces – enough for me when I am working in the field for an entire day. The capacity of the pack is 1404 cubic inches. It retails for $150.

    The Demon will hold just about anything you want to carry in terms of a weapon. I usually carry my small Python, but a 4” one would fit fine and possibly a 6” one would. The gun compartment is at the bottom of the pack and is a hinged door that is secured by Velcro. It is amazingly easy to get the weapon out of the pack by reaching behind your back, opening the door and withdrawing the weapon. If in a confrontation you can easily open the door and have your hand on the weapon without revealing it which is a feature I like. I have found the pack to be very comfortable even when fully loaded Because of the design of the door, there is no waist band. This makes it bounce a bit while running, but is not a problem while walking or even on a bicycle. The pack comes in black or red colors. I chose the red because the black is the customary color used by law enforcement and might bring attention to the pack where the red does not. Both packs come with a sort of universal holster that is held in place by velcro. The holster can be re-positioned to accommodate dfferent sizes of handguns. The Demon has a spare mag compartment where the Goblin does not.

    Camelback Goblin and Demon Review-demonn.jpgCamelback Goblin and Demon Review-demon-closed.jpgCamelback Goblin and Demon Review-demon-open.jpg

    Both packs are secured by Velcro, and opening them is noisy. Otherwise, I have found them to be perfect for my purposes. I have carried both in situations where numerous people were around without ever getting a second glance.

    CamelBak - 2008

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    Good review thank you.

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    Ive been thinking about getting the goblin for sometime. Thanks for the review and the pictures Libertarian.
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