Have the Urge to get a Tac Light

Have the Urge to get a Tac Light

This is a discussion on Have the Urge to get a Tac Light within the Related Gear & Equipment forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I want a good Tac Light, am stuck on the surefire brand. Want something I can carry in a holster and use for general use ...

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Thread: Have the Urge to get a Tac Light

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    Have the Urge to get a Tac Light

    I want a good Tac Light, am stuck on the surefire brand. Want something I can carry in a holster and use for general use as well as blinding the BG. I will be getting 2 of them, 1 for me and one for the wife. Suggestions Please. Cost is not a problem!!!! Thanks

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    I've had a SureFire 6P for years now and would never be found without it. I'm about to buy another one and use the P61 bulb in it which gives off twice the brightness for only 20 min of constant on use. The regular bulb gives an hour. With the regular bulb I get about 2 months out of a set of batteries. (can you tell I use it often?).

    There are some newer and better technologies out there but I've found this is everything I need in a flashlight that I always have on me.

    $56.00 from SureFire website. (batteries included)
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    I recently traded off my Surefire Z2, mainly because the rubber gasket "combat grip" severely limits the carriers available. I've got a 6P inbound as we speak and belt carriers for those are much more common. Chris (P95) has the LED upgrade and seems really pleased with it - I'll probably upgrade mine as well in time.

    For a set of lights I plan to eventually pick up an E2e for myself (6volt) and another E2e or E1e (3volt) for my wife's purse - probably both with LED upgrades.

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    My daily carry is my E1e for little jobs, and for using around the engineering lab. When I'm on squad duty, or after I have a CCW (when I'm living in the USA again, instead of NJ), I'll prolly carry a Z2 or similar light, maybe with an E2e backup.

    I carry a 6P or Z2 on my EMS duty belt, along with a small keychain LED and a mini mag. The surefire is for lighting up scenes and making it so that myself and my partner(s) can work on the pt. The LED is for finding little stuff (keyholes, etc), and the minimag is more for diagnostic stuff (good for checking pupils, etc).

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    I can only reiterate my intense liking for my diminutive E1e!! The LED head rocks as far as I am concerned if expensive.

    I now have in theory same lumens - colder light I admit but that matters not - plus extended batt' life and no rapid drop-off. As I say often - a short burst from that into eyes is dazzling enough - gives at least a second or two's buffer.

    Size matters - but here for me that size is something real compact and not too intrusive - I hope to get a small belt carry pouch made by Kevin at K&D sometime as the clip directly on my belt is not really secure enough. I carry it same as I carry a gun - 16/7.
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    I've had my Surefire 6P now for nearly 10 years and it's still my constant companion.

    I've since gotten a G2 and Z3. The Z3 has a permanent home on my tac vest. All of my lights have high intensity lamps. The Z3 also has a red filter.
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    Well....I ordered a Surefire Lumamax L4 Led....plus a G2 with the brighter bulb. I should like both of them. The L4 will be my carry light and the G2 will be by the bed beside my 45.

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    I like my G2. It works well in a carrier , but does not have the lock out tail cap, so isn't the best for pocket carry.

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    If you're looking for a GUNLIGHT here is what I'm considering for my future H&K USP 45: http://www.botac.com/itim2tali.html

    I'm also thinking of either the returned SureFire 9P (3 lithium cells) or this rechargeable at 105 lumens for a 60 burn time per charge:

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