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I need a good belt

This is a discussion on I need a good belt within the Related Gear & Equipment forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I've got three from the Beltman, one from K&D, one from Andrews, another from UBG, plus a couple of Wilderness ones. All work great. Have ...

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Thread: I need a good belt

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    I've got three from the Beltman, one from K&D, one from Andrews, another from UBG, plus a couple of Wilderness ones. All work great. Have not tried a Galco.

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    I use the Galco COPS belt every day and like it very much. Check this web site for lower prices...
    Galco Belts - Galco Gun Belts - Galco pistol Belts - FREE UPS

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    I use the Galco SB5 Sport daily and it does great for holding up a 1911 all day. It seems to have contoured and fit to my body quite nicely as well.

    Although I'm not sure how they came up with the Sport description. You could kill someone if you beat them over the head with it. At 1 3/4" wide and 1/4" thick it's like swinging a baseball bat. Just make sure it will fit your everyday-wear belt loops.

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    Beltman (Nuff said ) or Wilderness Instructor. The Wilderness was $47 shipped to my door and came in a week. Very very good belt.
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    CQC Pistol Belts

    I asked about this belt on another thread looks like it could be a great deal maybe to good, I do not know anything about the company. Is anyone familiar with BlackHawk generally and with their CQC Pistol Belts specifically? They have them on sale for $25.00. If they are really lizard skin and good quality gun belts thats a major steal. As a rule if things sound to good to be true it is a scam but thought I would check if anyone has any experience with the company or the product in case it is a good deal.

    Edit to add:: MeatPuppet beat me to it. Question does remain does anyone know anything about Blackhawk, good or bad?
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    Loopers leather makes some of the best belts I have ever worn. There Kydex line is great fro packing, but I have used their reg belts for carry and they hold up great. Tell them Kevin from Mt Airy sent you. The owner is a great guy and it is a family business that has been around a long time.

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    Not trying to beat a dead horse but you can't go wrong with a Beltman!

    Good product.

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