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What about targets?

This is a discussion on What about targets? within the Related Gear & Equipment forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Saw that on a Discovery Channel show about police snipers. They put 2 balloons on of different colors. One color is designated the BG and ...

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Thread: What about targets?

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    Saw that on a Discovery Channel show about police snipers. They put 2 balloons on of different colors. One color is designated the BG and the balloons moving around and in front of each other simulates a hostage situation.

    Yeah, the idea is not to hit the RC model.

    Quote Originally Posted by joe/OH
    I read somewhere about tying helium baloons to an RC truck to make an unpredictable moving target. Sounds like fun as long as you have a suitable backstop. Since we do - I may try that this week. First person who shoots the truck buys it!
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    I always just used scrap cardboard or posterboard with magic marker or cut roughly in shape of human. Recently I found this
    I'm cheap too, free boxes and magic marker!
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    I've used magazine pages quite a bit. You can normally get ones that show up pretty well. I'm gonna try that target program from CNET though, that sounds pretty cool and I can make pretty much endless copies at work.

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    i print them normaly

    Among other improvised targets i print off targets , ill include a small collection of what i have aqqired over the years ( click the link , scroll down to free , click the button , wait for the alphanumeric code and enter it to download )


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    Since we don't have a shooting range yet here in northern Arizona, there are places here in the mountains that are used for shooting. So its not too formal, and people bring anything from paper plates, bottles, cans, etc. to target stands with silhouettes.
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    Paper plates work just fine and very cheap
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    For Bullseye practice, I print them. For matches, we buy 'em.
    For long range, as in rifle/carbine, I buy 'em. Need those to be large.
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    proubably seems im on a posting bing but i just started here and have found some great advice see i live in the mountians and alot of my shooting hapens on a hill side on a dirt road but i found i like to use cheep fruit or veggies like pumpkins watermellon an letus n cabage not only do you get good visual demenstrations lto show my teenage son the kinda power a fire arm has so he dosnt think of it as a toy but they are more fun to shoot than papper but you dont have a mess to clean up to leave the out doors the way you find em but you provide forage for wild life well might not be what yoiur lookin for but i sure like shooting them

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