Cleaning and lube

Cleaning and lube

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Thread: Cleaning and lube

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    Cleaning and lube

    I am having my carry gun worked on soon. I'll be having the barrel and rod polished. I was reading information from the company doing the work. They say after the barrel has been polished regular gun oil will bead up.

    I'm fairly new to concealed carry weapons but this is a gun I depend upon. So lubrication and performance are vital.

    I've used my Hoppe's cleaning kit since I was first learning to shoot as a boy.

    Will I need to change oil and lube products after having the barrel and rod polished?

    For that matter, for a concealed carry gun that you depend on. What do most of you use for cleaning and lube?

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    I'd use good old Castrol Syntech. I've used it for years since my IPSC days and it has never failed me. a quart should last you at east 2 years even if you shoot every weekend.

    At 5 bucks a quart you can't beat it.
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    I use a lot of foaming Bore Cleaner for my personal guns as well as the range rentals I care for at the gunshop.
    Gunslick - Gun Care Made Easy - Cleaners-Degreasers
    Clean the residue away with a tiny bit of Gun Scrubber. Not a lot.
    #9 for any other cleaning, also removed with GS. Also use their Copper solvent when needed.
    Hoppe's 9 - The Gun Care People
    For a lube that stays slick a long time and stays put no matter what I use X1-R grease. They are local so I can pick it up and save shipping.
    I use plain hardware store silicone spray for exterior wipe downs of guns in the shop, my tools, and my own guns. Whatever is cheap.

    If something horrible comes in, I have a big ammo can full of #9 for soaking stuff.

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    mobil velocite 6 for inner parts but not for slide/barrel.

    havent found anything I really like for the slide/barrel.

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    Sometimes I have a hard time deciding on the right ones to use, but in general, I can narrow it down to five or six products I use for all of my pistols. The rifles get different treatments depending. Hoppes 9 for inside the barrels, Zero friction for lube on the slide rails, CLP for everything else and the last swab of the bore before a dry patch, and Shooter's Choice rust prevent on slides and exposed metal parts.

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    Thanks to Thumper for the heads up on Weapon Shield. So far it works great.
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    Yes, Weapon Shield is good stuff. I called them earlier looking for some and they sent me the cool needle applicator as a sample:
    Weapon Shield

    It's hard to find. Midway has it sometimes. I'm going to the gun show today and hope I can find more there.

    Hopefully, they'll make the wipes like CLP offers. Those are handy at the range.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MandM View Post
    For that matter, for a concealed carry gun that you depend on. What do most of you use for cleaning and lube?
    Cleaning: Brake Cleaner, $1-2 per can.
    Lube: hi-temp wheel-bearing grease $4 for a tub that will probably last a couple of lifetimes.
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