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Does Anyone Have A "Go Bag" Packed?

This is a discussion on Does Anyone Have A "Go Bag" Packed? within the Related Gear & Equipment forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I think I may have created a monster. I have been telling my Wife I wanted to make up a BOB for her and the ...

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Thread: Does Anyone Have A "Go Bag" Packed?

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    I think I may have created a monster. I have been telling my Wife I wanted to make up a BOB for her and the 4 kids. Since we started working on them, she has been doing a lot of research and we now have a vacuum sealer and are buying mylar bags and an impulse heater. I have 2X50 Lbs bags of rice on my kitchen counter. The good news is I am going to get to buy all new camping gear and some more guns, as I can, with little to no questions asked.
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    Quote Originally Posted by NonSenCe View Post
    Iodine tablets in case of nuclear mishap. iodized salt would work in a pinch.
    Don't use iodized salt as a source of iodine during a radioactive emergency. You have to ingest a dangerous amount of salt to get the necessary iodine. Your potassium-iodide pills are the correct thing (they have negative side effects so only use them if a nuclear emergency is imminent or unfolding)

    for anyone wanting more info, read the Kearny Nuclear Survival Skills manual:

    Free online book - Nuclear War Survival Skills

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    -chooie- yeah. thats the plant.

    And -nutz- you are right about the iodine salt as beeing not enough. it has only 5-50Ug per 1 gram of salt.
    and iodine pills are what, over 130mg (130 000 Ug?)

    so pills it is. :)

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    I recommend the Lifesaver Bottle for any BOB, you can clean and drink some really nasty water without all of the weight. Lifesaver Bottle 6000 Ultra Filtration Water Bottle: Sports & Outdoors

    If you can't afford this at $299.00 the the Katadyn Exstream is a nice choice at $49.95 Katadyn Exstream XR Water Purifier Bottle: Sports & Outdoors

    Also I keep spare 45ACP 230g JHP in all of my various bags and vehicles
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    Of course, the purpose of a good BOB is to provide the essentials necessary for short term survival under perhaps harsh conditions. That said, there isn't one perfect list of items that fits all circumstances that might occur. This thread has covered the gambit and has some very good ideas included in it. Remember that there is no guarantee that this bag will only transported by vehicle. If you have to go to ground, you could be humping this thing with you. Keep the weight reasonable for what you're willing to carry. Shoulder straps are essential. A back pack is even better. Anything you can wear to distribute the load is better. A multipocket vest and pistol belt with various pouches works.

    Remember the hiearchy of needs safety and protection. Pack the bare essentials, this isn't a luxury campout.
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    I learned a lot from reading this and the other threads, but wanted to add a small tidbit I learned while living in Wyoming. Sorry if this is a slight hijack.

    I ran the mountains a lot on horseback, where you frequently don't see anyone for a day or two, or longer, so personal survival is something you have to think about. A friend of mine, who ran the search and rescue (S&R) out of Cody, told me something interesting.

    A key piece of emergency gear is something that is light to medium blue in color, like a windbreaker or similar. It's the only color that is not native to the mountains any time of year (think about greens, browns and yellows - all natural) and very easy to spot from the air, like when that helicopter comes looking for you. My friend told me they've lost people wearing other things, but can spot that blue from miles away.
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    Great thread with lots of great info. One thing that stuck out was someone said "cash on hand." Lots of people these days (me included) don't deal alot with cash. Debit cards, credit cards, etc seem to rule the day. With the recent bank/credit debacle, it's easy to imagine if everything went haywire in a societal breakdown lots of people might not have access to money they thought was theirs.

    If you're going to keep cash in the house for something like that, how much is enough and how much is too much? I have a good combo safe in the house where I keep important documents, hard drives, etc. Is it dumb to keep $1000-$2000 in cash in there in 20s? Or prudent?

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    The money thing is addressing a separate issue, which is long-term, worst-case-scenarios. As an aside, small bills are better than big bills, and have enough on hand to buy small supplies as you need them. I say it's a separate issue because you don't live out of a "bug-out-bag" or go-bag; you use it to get to a better location, usually home.

    John, good idea on the lighter blue outer garment. I'm not sure what would be better for my neck of the woods... maybe a neon red...

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    The only one I have holds my 1911 with ammo and some medical supplies. After reading all of this, I may want to add a few things lol.

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    Would you guys mind posting what kind of bags/cases you use?

    I'm looking for a carry bag and a BOB and would appreciate names of any manufacturers you can recall.

    ...if you have 'em.

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