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Taser's and stun guns: Cross contamination?

This is a discussion on Taser's and stun guns: Cross contamination? within the Related Gear & Equipment forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by Randy I'm just wondering what type of threat you are planning to address at your church, given that you've selected a TASER ...

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Thread: Taser's and stun guns: Cross contamination?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Randy View Post

    I'm just wondering what type of threat you are planning to address at your church, given that you've selected a TASER as one of your tools.

    It isn't a bad option to have a lower level of force available. However, the TASER isn't the correct level of force for the types of church attacks that I've been seeing in the news.

    To address the types of attacks that have been happening at churches is what our other "tools" are for. Not trying to sound mysterious, just careful of what I say on a public board. We are in the process of setting up a training program to deal with an armed attacker but we have people at the ready if something like that was to happen.

    Church can be a very emotional place for some people. There is always the possibility of someone who was unhappy with councling they or their wife may have received who may get irate.
    And there is always the possibility of divorced couples who are having custody issues and the other trying to take a kid from a classroom. There are a lot of things that could arise. The taser has it's place for lower level incidents where deadly force isn't justified, but isn't our main line of defense. Before we had people working "security", you would never hear about anything happening. Now that someone is there every service for people to go to, or your there to catch it, you would be surprised at the stupid things that happen at church sometimes. I agree, it is a good thing that people are willing to protect themselves and stand against the cowards who commit those acts.

    Thanks for your other post, it is helpful and I do understand why you guys get tased.

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    The only time it will affect you is if you get the electrodes within 2 inches of your body. If you Tase someone and you are touching that person it will not travel through your body. For Tasers to be most effective you have to have a good probe spread. You need to be about 6 feet away to get a good probe spread. If you use the contact portion of the device it is only pain compliance. I still believe a FOX LABS 5.3 2 ounce canister is the best way to go. I have not heard of it ever failing to work and it works on more than one person for a very long time.

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    OC does not always work in all situations. Nothing does. Always good to have multiple options.

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