Like a Spitfire pepper spray

Like a Spitfire pepper spray

This is a discussion on Like a Spitfire pepper spray within the Related Gear & Equipment forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Does anyone else make a horizontal pepper spray device like the Spitfire? I don't like the sprays that need to be vertical to use, with ...

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Thread: Like a Spitfire pepper spray

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    Like a Spitfire pepper spray

    Does anyone else make a horizontal pepper spray device like the Spitfire?

    I don't like the sprays that need to be vertical to use, with the 'trigger' on top.

    I want to check out all my options before making a purchase.

    Thanks in advance for any replies/comments/advice.
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    The Kimber Guardian Angel might work for you.

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    I used to be a fan of the keychain sprays but after observing an OC/KUBOTAN training course I learned just how much of a false since of security some key ring canisters give you. First of all they have a limited capacity. Second the amount of OC discharged per shot is much less because of the smaller valve stem. Third having your OC spray on your keys is a bad idea because it is constantly being dropped with the weight of your keys. This will shorten the shelf life and can damage the seal. Many carjackers will also snatch the keys away from the victim and if you are close and raise a key ring canister up to spray the attacker can grab the keys and jerk your canister away.

    I recommend FOX LABS 5.3 in the 2 ounce flip top pattern. The Stream or Cone will work fine. Even the Fox Stream will atomize and work on contact.

    YouTube - Pepper Spray FOX 5.3 million SHU!! mace in face

    YouTube - pwned by Fox labs pepper spray oc 5.3 million scoville units

    I buy mine from Pepper Spray Stun Guns Police Fox Labs Pepper Spray Tasers Alarms

    When you compare it in size to other key chain units it’s not that much bigger yet it has about 60 grams of OC compared to the 11 gram key ring units. My wife keeps hers in a special pocket on the outside of her purse and places it in her hand when she is walking alone or in a parking lot. Because it is in a special pocket it won’t wind up in the bottom of her purse.

    I used to pay attention to advertisers claims about out the nozzle heat and capsaicin percentages. When tested most of these products took too long to work. I don’t care how hot your OC is if you don’t have a fast acting carrier it won’t do you any good. The way to tell if your product has a good solvent base is to spray it in a styro foam cup. If it eats through the bottom of the cup it’s got a good carrier. If it sets in the bottom it will take several seconds if not minutes for the burn to kick in.

    After talking with numerous Law Enforcement officers Fox Labs is the way to go. It atomizes better because of the 2% OIL yet it has a very high heat rating because of the purity of the resin used in the formula. The carrier used strips the oils, opens the pores and works on contact. I have talked with officers who have sprayed subjects with other OC sprays and the attacker continued to resist. Another officer deployed FOX LABS 5.3 and got the desired effect. The NIJ Police Study on OC showed that sprays with concentrations greater than 5% may not atomize as well making them less effective. I have tested several OC sprays and Fox made me feel like I was going to die and I thought I would never breath again.

    Fox is the way to go. It costs more than the other sprays but it’s worth it. If you will only carry a key ring canister then it is better to have a smaller canister than not have one at all. Just know its limitations and replace it every year even if it has a 4 year expiration date.

    If you want something on your keys get one of theese but make sure they are legal in your area. IF they are not legal than get a kubotan.

    Personal protection and self defense product ? self defense for women

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