gunvault - possible ND?

gunvault - possible ND?

This is a discussion on gunvault - possible ND? within the Related Gear & Equipment forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I just bought a gunvault mini deluxe. I have loved it. We have the main gunsafe up high on a closet shelf so the kids ...

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Thread: gunvault - possible ND?

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    gunvault - possible ND?

    I just bought a gunvault mini deluxe. I have loved it. We have the main gunsafe up high on a closet shelf so the kids don't know where it is. Problem is, my wife couldn't reach it while I was at work. I talked with her about lowering it so she could access it but she didn't feel comfortable with that. So I bought a gunvault mini deluxe. We made a code that we could both easily remember, and now I can relax at work. It's been about a week now. When I went to put my sig back in for the night last night, I noticed something that has me very worried. The door falls down just like a drawbridge (without chains though!), and on the inside top edge of the door is a latch, which catches into a recess on the inside (see attached image). The problem I have is: the latch is the perfect width to find its way into the trigger guard as you're carefully placing the gun back into the gunvault. I think if this were MADE for guns, why didn't they take this into account, and make the latch like 1.5 inches wide, negating any possibility of it catching the trigger as you slide the gun in?! I should point out, this image was copied from gunvault's website. It is obviously distorted, or 'squashed' to look taller. I give you my word: if the image here were true to dimensions, it would be obviously easy to place the gun inside. I mean, I can hardly fit my hand in there to remove and replace the gun without moving the safe around (going to have to bolt it down I think). Does anyone know any models that don't have any obstructions like this that could cause problems? If so, does anyone know the return policy for gunvaults? I know it'll just take extra care to avoid the problem, but dude, come on.
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    You might want to consider the V-Line safe. It's a mechanical combination (no batteries or electronics or keys). You can program the comination to anything you want- one button to 5, and even simultaneous. I've had mine for quite a whule, bolted down, and since it has a cover that opens like a book, there's nothing to catch or grab.

    It's available at Cabela's and other places.

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    I wouldn't worry about it. I have the same one and it is not a problem. I used some industrial strength velcro to hold mine to the nightstand. I only use mine at the end of the day to make sure my son doesn't have access to it. I never come close to that latch when putting it in or taking it out.
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    I have however heard of the round key on the gunvaults being defeated with a bic pen
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    Hmmm. Never noticed a problem with mine. I actually keep 2 guns in it, as my P3AT fits perfectly in the back beyond my XD. Clearance is too low to get to my P3AT without removing the XD, but You get what you pay for, I guess, and I paid for a small nightstand model so I can't really complain about it.
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    gunvault - possible ND?
    All of my pistols enter the safe with an unloaded chamber...they come out of the safe with an empty chamber and full magazine. My instant access methods don't involve a safe of any kind.

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    I use the Gunvaults in my vehicles. I am careful when I place the weapon in it....I don't want to scratch it, so that mindset makes sure I don't hit the hook on the doors.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kohburn View Post
    I have however heard of the round key on the gunvaults being defeated with a bic pen
    Havent seen it done on a gunvualt but there were videos all over the net a few years ago showing how to defeat bike locks that way..... In theory it would probably be simular

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    " scew it i am not going to wait for functions to load ...

    You said but dude, come on " and i ask you the same . Look no weapon you lockup will be " secure " Secure is bury the dammed thing or dont own it to start with . You simply cannot do " secure " and at my house at the same time , we call this personal responsibility . It changes naught if you have a safe or stow the piece under the mattress , that is a matter of cost and affordability .
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