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Carry Light

This is a discussion on Carry Light within the Related Gear & Equipment forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Just currious as to what anyone thinks from a tactical point, as to what side of your body you keep your Tactical light on? Scott...

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Thread: Carry Light

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    Question Carry Light

    Just currious as to what anyone thinks from a tactical point, as to what side of your body you keep your Tactical light on?


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    I carry my Surefire G2-Z on my left side, since my handgun is on my right. I always want to keep my hand free to draw. It's just a good habit to be in. This is the case whether it's pocket carried or in a belt carrier.

    Here's the one I use when I carry my Browning Hi-Power. It's by Eric Larsen (HBE):

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    Weak side or in a position for a weak-hand draw if you must put it on your strong side. The purpose of the light to provide illumination so that you can be certain of your target. This requires that the light be used in concert with a gun.

    It has the side benefit of potentially blinding the target, but it's primary purpose is to help you shoot, and you must be able to operate the light and the gun at the same time. Your strong hand is busy with the gun, so your weak hand must operate the light, and it must be in a location that your weak hand can easily get to.
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    I have a Fenix L2D CE on my left side and a Fenix T1 on my right side behind my M&P or behind my extra mag on my left. I can reach both lights with either hand. I sometimes carry a Surefire 6P Malkoff LED with strike bezel in a cargo pocket as well. Oh yeah, and a 60 lumen keychain light.
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    Weak side...where else?

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    Weak side , same as spare mags and my knife.
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    I keep mine on my off side in either a combo mag/light pouch or simply in my rear pocket. SureFire E2D LED!
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    Weak side, clipped to a pocket usually. If I'm not carrying a gun (rescue squad, night shift) I'll holster carry my Olight M20 Warrior on my strong side, with my Surefire E2DL clipped to my weak side pocket (where it normally lives). There is no such thing as too much light when you get called out to a wreck at night!

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    Surefire E2e clipped in my support side rear pocket off-duty. It goes in the same spot while I'm in uniform as a back up light to my G2 LED on belt.
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    Surefire L1

    I'm lucky to be left handed, so for weak side carry it fits in the little watch pocket above my right (weak handed) front pocket of my jeans. I love my L1.

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    I keep My TLR-1 on my gun.

    The backup G-2 is on the weak side with the spare mags.
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    In a pouch at roughly 5 o'clock.

    more later...

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    When I go to class I carry my Surefire E2D LED Defender on my strong side since i can't carry my gun. But when I carry my gun I keep it on my weak side. I always have it. It has come in handy on walks with my fiance. It stopped a dog that got out of its yard and started running at us.

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    I carry my Surefire G2-z w/led upgrade in my left front pocket(weak hand). People I work with think I am nuts but that flashlight has gotten me and almost everybody at work out of some kind of jam. It's a little beat up but I never leave home with out it.

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    Just as been shown, with your spare mag.
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