My order from fenix store was a bit strange. Any similar experiences?

This is a discussion on My order from fenix store was a bit strange. Any similar experiences? within the Related Gear & Equipment forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I ordered my Fenix P3D from . The price was competitive, and it arrived in less than a week. However, there were a few ...

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Thread: My order from fenix store was a bit strange. Any similar experiences?

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    My order from fenix store was a bit strange. Any similar experiences?

    I ordered my Fenix P3D from
    The price was competitive, and it arrived in less than a week.
    However, there were a few quirks that I have been worrying about and I wonder if anyone has enlightening experience or knowledge to share.

    The box was a bit banged up. The closing flaps were a bit loose, there sign of any box tape that lots of new products have, so it seemed like the box was already opened.

    The logo on the flashlight looks a bit faded.

    I popped in the batteries and guess what. It didn't turn on!
    I looked closer and smelled gun oil. The parts that screw in were lubed with oil. So I swabbed out some gritty black oil from the battery contacts THEN it worked.

    The included holster also had a similar odor.

    Was I swindled and sold a USED FLASHLIGHT??? Instead of a new one that I paid for.

    Or is this typical when buying Fenix Lights? (manufactured in China I think).

    BTW: The flash light does work fine. The Fenix P3D has a super bright turbo mode, with strobe mode, great for defensive/tactical use, and a normal mode great for casual use while conservative on battery power.

    I wiped out all the gritty oil and lubed the washers, as directed in the manual, and screw sides with Break Free CLP.

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    Depends upon the price...?????
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    The flashlight was sold for $55 free shipping. Just a bit below MSRP.

    It was typical price for all shops that I checked $50-$60.

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    That's why I only buy from Surefire directly.
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    Weird. All my lights have come in pristine condition.
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    Sounds like you bought it from a factory approved store. I'd send that sucker back with a letter of your issues. Hopefully you paid with a credit card. I'd challenge that charge immediately. When the seller receives notice that they're not getting paid, you WILL receive satisfaction! That's the reason I buy EVERYTHING with a credit card. No more PayPal, money orders, or personal checks.
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    David will take care of you if you're not happy with the light, I'm sure. I've only heard good things about their customer service. As far as the light itself goes, yes, it is common to have to clean threads, but dead batteries in the package tells me that someone wasn't forthcoming to the Fenix-Store with a return (i.e. they said it was unused so nobody checked it and it just went back into stock), and you just happened to get the short end of that stick.

    Like I said, contact them, and I'm sure they'll make it right.

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    I've had good experiences with David too. Several transactions and none with issues. Matter of fact I bought everyone that works for me Q5P L2D's as Christmas presents last year and David even gave me a little help on the price.
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    I have not been happy with any Fenix flashlight. Two out of the three I bought broke within 6 months. The one that works is still new in the box unused. They eat batteries like mad. Never liked that I had to twist the bezel to change from hi to low beam. That is what I want in a crisis scenario use both hands to operate a light ... NOT! After a few months low beam function no longer worked. So I have only high beam. Customer service sucks they would not take the lights back, basically Fenix's response was we have your money so screw you. I would recommend Fenix to people I do not like gang bangers, crack heads, convicts, rapists and ex wives
    My NovaTac cycle through all the function via the tail cap have lasted for years in all kinds of conditions and I replace batteries once or twice a year at most.
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    I have two fenix lights and both are great. Sounds like from reading the posts above they are hit or miss. Luckily I haven't gotten a miss yet. LOL. To be honest my favorite flashlight is my 4sevens quark123 Turbo. It is cheap, life time warranty and is conservative on power. Just my. 02

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    Bought a TK12, after 5 minutes it stopped working. Contacted China eventually got to Oklahoma sent it to them and that's the last I saw of it.
    Made a negative post on their Facebook, now they want to fix the problem.
    I haven't contacted them yet to see what they'll do.

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