To clean, or not to clean. That is the survey.

This is a discussion on To clean, or not to clean. That is the survey. within the Related Gear & Equipment forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I still havent cleaned my Glock 17 after about 1100 22 rounds though it .. Maybe one day...

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Thread: To clean, or not to clean. That is the survey.

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    I still havent cleaned my Glock 17 after about 1100 22 rounds though it .. Maybe one day

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bud White
    I still havent cleaned my Glock 17 after about 1100 22 rounds though it .. Maybe one day

    Dude! The powder residue is gonna come out like a wine cork. (j/k)

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    I clean after I shoot.
    CLIP power spray-Then CLIP lube.
    Run a patch down the bore,done.

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    I have been cleaning after I shoot 400 or so rounds so basically every other trip to the range.
    Timmy Jimmy

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    i dont think you can beat the smell of hoppe's =O)

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    I clean our guns after every shoot

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    I do not own a lot of handguns. Had two but now have three and when I go to the range all three go with me. And yes when they are shot they get a cleaning.

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    i clean after every shoot -- about twice a week.

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    I was brought up to take care of my tools. My pistols are immaculate. In fact, I just got through cleaning the Beretta and Browning after a morning on the range.

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    I make shure any fired fiream, is clean by sunset.
    I lube every few months, as needed.

    As for enjoyment.
    I hate washing my kicken and bathroom, doing laundery, Etc. But it needs to be done, like any other chore.

    I clean my guns because I have to and I'll do a good job of it, but I'm not like my brother, who goes into happy obsessive-compulsive Zen mode cleaning his, and then volunteers to clean everybody else's.
    I need a brother like that!
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    It really depends. I'm not as fanatical about it as I used to be (four kids will do that to you). However, I make sure that my carry gun is in tip top shape and as for the rest of them, I usually take them all out of the safe once a quarter and inspect them all. Clean and lube as necessary.
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    I'll clean the carry guns thoroughly after shooting like Chris [ P95 ], and hit the bore with a few passes and thats it, I don't care if the bore is not super clean in rifles or pistols.

    My carry glocks get cleaned that day, sometimes at the range befoe leaving unless I have one of the other carry glocks along for the ride home.

    The g17 training gun has 3k+ through it without taking it down presently, the 1911 trainer has about the same through it without cleaning but has been broken down and wiped a little. The 1911 just gets oil on the rails and such before it goes to work, and more as necessary to keep it running during range sesssions.

    I've got a K frame model 65 that has not been cleaned for years, maybe 5 years since I shot it. It sits fine like that in a gun rug and will for some time in the future.

    The lever rifles get cleaned every 300 rds or before they are going to be used on a hunt. They get broken down which takes some time and are no fun, the bores hit lightly with a patch and jag, thats it on the levers.

    I've never enjoyed cleaning them, nor will I ever. The joy is in owning and shooting them, maintenance is just a necessary evil.

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    I clean dutifully after every shoot, but only because I feel like I have to. I don't enjoy it much.
    Whatever doesn't kill you postpones the inevitable.

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    While have occasionally been guilty of temporarily neglecting a dirty firearm, the mantra is, "Shoot it, clean it".

    Just for fun yesterday, I took my extra mag out of my pocket and blew in the top. After the cloud of lint cleared and I was able to breathe normally again, I made a promise to myself to not let THAT happen anymore!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Redneck Repairs View Post
    my carry gun gets stripped, degreased and relubed once a week even if i dont shoot it , my others i gotta admit are hit or miss on cleaning , i try to maintain them but sometimes i am lax on my recreational guns
    Just had a momentary lapse of reason, I misread and thought at first you said you "reblued" once a week.... Where's my gingko?
    "Ray Nagin is a colossal disappointment" - NRA/ILA Executive Director Chris W. Cox.

    " water, my friend."

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