Silica Gel: where to find ?

Silica Gel: where to find ?

This is a discussion on Silica Gel: where to find ? within the Related Gear & Equipment forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; When my next order will arrive, I will have a sizable inventory of SD ammo. South Florida being hot and humid I am going to ...

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Thread: Silica Gel: where to find ?

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    Silica Gel: where to find ?

    When my next order will arrive, I will have a sizable inventory of SD ammo.
    South Florida being hot and humid I am going to store them in large ammo boxes I have and I want to put a few bags of silica gel to avoid the tarnishing of the brass in the boxes.

    In what kind of store do you find silica gel ?

    I can order it on-line but shipping costs more than the product ...

    Thanks fo your input !!!
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    They sell packets of it at sporting goods stores...get the kind that changes color to indicate when it's no longer useful until you cook it. I got a couple pounds for free, but it doesn't indicate when it's "full" so I'm going to buy more.
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    FWIW, there was a piano and music store next to the gunshop I used to work at. They always had bags of it that came packed in pianos and instruments. I got tons of bags from them for free. I imagine lots of stuff shipped from overseas comes packed in or with it. Might ask around and see.

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    I have everyone I know saving those little packets that come in electronic equipment, vitamins and medication bottles, etc.............I keep four or five packets in each and every ammo can I have and it's a boat load of them!

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    Silica Gel Cat litter. Look no further. Pet stores, Walmart... all have it. Recharge yearly in oven at 200 degrees for a few hours.

    like this, there are probably cheaper ones:
    Pet Gold Crystals Premium Cat Litter: Silica Cat Litter at PETCO

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    Look in the hobby shops like Hobby Lobby or Michaels; it is sold in bulk packages for crafts like drying flowers or pot pourri (for example). Real cheap. Maybe a major florist shop would have some.
    Good luck.

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    Dicks sporting goods, army store has lots, online

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    kittylitter.. thats what i use. the kind thats made of silica and it works. keeps moisture and bad odors :) and if you are lazy you can buy new pack instead of putting it to the oven. its not that pricey.

    i use it inside old socks that have a knot in the end.

    4 tubesocks filled with silica gel cat litter per car. helps with foggy windows in winter. swap them every few months to be sure. and throw them to oven as is to dry them. friend of mine just pours a pile of it where he needs it and then later takes a vacuumcleaner and sucks them out.

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