SAP Gloves

SAP Gloves

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Thread: SAP Gloves

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    SAP Gloves

    Thinking of buying a pair of these:

    SAP Gloves with Steel Shot Knuckles

    I cannot get a CCW in my state. In addition, I live in an urban area and use public transportation exclusively, so any pocket knives, pepper spray, etc. that I carry only lasts so long before it is confiscated or I have to throw it away somewhere. These would be low key, easy to transport, and fast to utilize.

    What do you guys think? Are they any good?

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    the raggedy edge
    sorry to say, those are probably illegal too.

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    That sort of thing is illegal practically everywhere. You're probably better off carrying something like one of those fighting umbrellas that doesn't look like a weapon, or just learning a martial art.

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    Just tell them you're allergic to fiberfill, and the lead is simply insulation.
    I used to use them on takedown teams. They're heavy and bulky. Very efficient if you can get a punch or backhand slap in, but I'd hate to answer to the attorneys today. Looks like you came ready to do damage.
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    I think you're out of luck concerning the legality of SAP gloves in New Jersey.

    Has your ankle really been bothering you alot recently?

    Buy yourself a stout, heavy, cane type walking stick.
    It can be an awesome defensive weapon if you practice with it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by QKShooter View Post

    Buy yourself a stout, heavy, cane type walking stick.
    It can be an awesome defensive weapon if you practice with it.
    when ever I fly, my knee starts killing me. But, be sure to train with it, because you'd look silly with a cane sticking out your tail. (Mods please forgive the language, but truer words can not be spoken)

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    Where ever the government says go
    these are illegal
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    That same site sells sword canes. What could be less conspicuous?
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    Over here now!
    They are just illegal all around. I agree with the walking stick angle. Check out Cold Steel. Get some one on one training from a local ninja shop if you do.
    Training means learning the rules. Experience means learning the exceptions.

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    I would fork up the money and buy a Unbreakable Umbrella

    It is going with me on my next trip to Europe
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    Back in the 70's my uniform trousers came equipted with a sap pocket. A few of my fellow LEO's considered my use of a sap as almost an art form. I also carried sap gloves. To my knowledge saps and sap gloves are still legal for LEO only use in my state (Illinois) Civilian use is illegal. Although legal for LEO use, I'm not aware of any police department that allows it's officers to carry either of these weapons anymore.

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    Try training from this guy...The Kung Fu Hillbilly!!! He's awesome!!! And for REAL!!!! LMAO

    YouTube - Kung Fu Hillbilly - Training Video
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