Shopping for a backpack - Marsgear? - Recommendations

Shopping for a backpack - Marsgear? - Recommendations

This is a discussion on Shopping for a backpack - Marsgear? - Recommendations within the Related Gear & Equipment forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; OK, I'm rolling around the notion of possibly buying a couple of backpacks. One would be a 3 day sized pack. The other will be ...

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Thread: Shopping for a backpack - Marsgear? - Recommendations

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    Shopping for a backpack - Marsgear? - Recommendations

    OK, I'm rolling around the notion of possibly buying a couple of backpacks. One would be a 3 day sized pack. The other will be an EDC bag. Through my searching, I came across this website:

    marsgear - online sale of military tactical gear Packs

    Their 3 day pack & urban go bag look like what I'm interested in. Does anyone know the quality/reputation of Marsgear? The price seems too good to be true (as compared to Maxpedition).

    Any advise/recommendations are welcome!

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    Never used their stuff, but as far as packs go I'm kinda a snob since a bad pack sucks to carry around, and they need to be durable as well. I'd stick with maxpedition or blackhawk or camelback
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    My experience with Maxpedition and Camelback is purely positive for tactical-style packs. If a more back-country pack for trails is what you have in mind, Gregory and Osprey get my thumbs-up.
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    I'm deployed with my 5.11 Tactical Rush72 and I love it. I initially came over with just 50 Lbs in it, but moving down range I found myself packing up to +75Lbs, on top of my armor! The straps are very well made and it doesn't feel like you're carrying as much as you really are. And the compression straps are great for when you don't need as much gear.

    A note on quality. I don't know how much you're willing to spend or what you're planning on using it for, but you definately get what you pay for. I can promise you that if you buy this pack you'll still be humping it while the guy who spent half what you did on an inferior pack is dragging his 'cause the straps broke. (I've seen it)

    Here's a link for a distributor, but you can also order it direct from

    G T Distributors Product Detail
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    I've used marsgear for quite a bit of MOLLE gear, and so far everything I've gotten has been very well built - no poor stitching or shoddy materials. Some of their stuff is Condor (questionable for hard use), but not all of it.

    For a pack, however, I would go with a known-good brand. A good pack is the central part of your entire setup, and it MUST be comfortable, well designed, and well built, or you'll regret it.
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    no marsgear comments, but i second the blackhawk recommendation....pretty heavy but super sturdy and versatile

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    For the 3 day size, go with Eagle. They have one of the original designs and they are about as tough as they come. USA made to boot.

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    Camelback is rated highly among those in the military. Time and battle tested in Iraq and Afganistan. Best Military Backpack? - Yahoo! Answers

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    Dana Design

    Check out, they are the best packs I have ever seen or used. I ived out of mine for over 2 years. It is now over 15 years old and still going strong. If I remeber correctly their warranty covers everything except bear maulings and intentional destruction. Hope this helps.


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