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How do you store your guns?

This is a discussion on How do you store your guns? within the Related Gear & Equipment forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Many years ago, I visited a friend who has a rather impressive black powder gun collection. In his "gun room" was all his re-enacting gear ...

View Poll Results: How do you secure your guns when not in use?

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  • Hide them in drawers and closets.

    26 21.85%
  • Gun cabinet or nightstand safe ($20 - $59).

    28 23.53%
  • Thin wall safe ($60 - $299).

    24 20.17%
  • Small gun safe ($300 - $599).

    16 13.45%
  • Medium gun safe ($600 - $999).

    12 10.08%
  • Large gun safe ($1000 - $1499).

    17 14.29%
  • Extra Large gun safe ($1500 and up).

    6 5.04%
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Thread: How do you store your guns?

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    Many years ago, I visited a friend who has a rather impressive black powder gun collection. In his "gun room" was all his re-enacting gear and some mostly non-shooting "wall-hangers."

    At one end of the room, there was a gun rack on the wall with a Daisy BB gun and a fishing rod on it. Just below those two, was a shelf, with a pair of drawers on the ends.

    He opened those drawers, reached inside and unfastened a pair of door bolts. . .

    And that whole section of paneling lifted right out of the wall!

    This hidden-in-plain-sight door covered a two foot deep "closet" that went the full, 8 foot span of that wall. The "door" was a 4 foot wide piece of paneling with the gun rack mounted on it.

    Had he not shown it to me, I never would have seen it. It was cheap and easy to build, and only took a little bit of space in an already small room. He kept all his "good" guns in there, including several Civil War originals.

    Might just use that trick myself, one of these days.

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    Am. Sec. large gun safe and a few in selected advantage spots.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nick
    Right now, since I only have 4 guns, and the kids are grown and out of the house, the guns are simply stashed where I can get to them.
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    Las Vegas, Nevada
    A thin steel cabinet simular to woody's for all my rifles. I also have a couple of hotel room safes that I keep my pistols in, with the exception of my Kimber CDP Compact. That stays on the headboard of my bed when not carried.
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    Quote Originally Posted by P95Carry
    Dave - haha - someone else does it LOL! That is something I started doing from my very first shottie - which was a Spanish SxS 12G boxlock.

    Mind you - never really did leave enough oil in anywhere to suffer much risk of ''draindown''!
    Agreed- I'm not an "over oiler" but I've seen too many great old doubles with "punky" stocks from decades of oil seeping into the wood.

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    LARGE (X3). Don't have them bolted to the wall(had one at first) ..... BUT .....they are bolted together. How much do they weigh ?? HEAVY ! --------

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    Look at my login
    Plastic Wal Mart bags hanging on hat hooks in the living room.
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    I don't have any kids in the house so that's not a concern for me.
    Almost every room has a gun in a drawer.

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    My safe measures about 5'-6" tall by about 30" wide and deep. I don't know if that's small, medium, or big.

    I put small 120VAC lights (about the size of Christmas Tree lights) inside for both lighting and mositure control; they stay on all the time - never had the slightest problem with rust since I installed the lights.

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    I dont use a safe. I sleep with my gun on my bed's headboard. No little kids here. Cant afford a safe yet (will be able to soon).

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    Franklin, NH
    CCW sleeps in the V-Line pistol box bolted to the top of the file cabinet w/ Surefire and spare mag. Kahr K9 and eyeing the new P45 if anyone has comments.

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    Marengo, IN
    My long guns are stored in a closet with mags stored elsewhere, my PT111 is always with me, either in the vehicle when at work or on my person. At night, it's under my pillow.

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    Built my gunsafe. 48" w x 60" tall x 24" dp.
    1/8" steel pl. box w/reinforced steel plate doors (2), with 3" concrete cast in top and bottom & interior is lined with 2" of drywall for fire resistance. then wood trim around the outside so it looks like a piece of furniture not a gun vault.
    turned out nice but sure is heavy.
    downside to it was i underestimated its weight and in the process of placing it, the casters were crushed to a non-rolling state. DOOOH!
    oh well it ain't rolling anywhere when loaded now so its okay.

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    Lets keep it that way.

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    I Need A Gun Safe Or Cabinet

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    Got a fairly large AMSEC safe used and keep most of my firearms in it.

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