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New pants, Exciting I know.

This is a discussion on New pants, Exciting I know. within the Related Gear & Equipment forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; hey folks !....thanx for all the tips ! I'm on'em like green on grass...

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Thread: New pants, Exciting I know.

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    hey folks !....thanx for all the tips ! I'm on'em like green on grass
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    I conceal carry with a pair of (Wal-Mart) jeans/denim cargo shorts with zip-off legs. These give me ample pockets to carry my piece/spare mags and when it gets warm, I just zip off the pants legs and voila! shorts! When it runs cool in the evening, I just zip back on the pants legs. It is a very versatile setup.


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    I've been buying my Levi's at Walmart for about a year now. They carry a "Signature" line that I haven't been able to find anywhere else. These use thicker denim than the 550/560 now so they're more like what Levi's use to be before they went South of the border. The best part is, they run about $26 per pair compared to the $30 - $36 I was spending before for cheaper quality 550s. They also have a "Carpenter's" style that looks a lot like denim painter's pants (hammer loop & pencil/tool pocket on the leg, etc.), I think those are a bit less than the Signature line.

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    on deals

    if you wanna talk cheap clothes, there's a store called steve and barry's that sell decent clothes at decent prices. how decent? try everything in the store is under $12. i don't know if there are stores outside of pennsylvania; we have one or two in the northeast area. plenty of cargo pants, good heavy jeans, down jackets, and pea coats. and if they get tore up, just toss em and get a new set.

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    I haven't been in a K-Mart since Pig-Butt O’Donnell was their mouth piece and she ambushed Tom Sellick on her show about his relationship with the NRA and said all gun owners should be in jail. Now if Sellick had been the spokesman and made some comment about lesbians you can bet K-Mart would have dumped him PRONTO. (Don't remember the specifics but they did dump some conservative over some comment)

    PS My cousin's husband works for K-Mart too....I still don't go in.

    PSS Speaking of my personal boycotts...a guy at a gun shop told me that no member of the Ruger family is involved with the company anymore. is this true, can I now replace that Super Redhawk I sold when Billy Boy stabbed all gun owners in the back???

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    I'm AAALLLLL about cheap clothes. There's a store called Steve and Barry's. If you can find one of these stores, you're in for a treat. Nothing, I mean NOTHING in the store is over $8. Jeans, Shirts, Coats, Sweaters, Shoes, and the list goes on.

    If you find one with a sale, the whole store goes on sale. short wait times. Use 'defensivecarry' as a coupon code for a discount to your order.

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    I prefer carpenter or painters pants for casual wear. They are usually made of tougher fabric and have all those great pockets for goodies like a tactical knife, surefire flashlights, etc. I just haven't figured out what I can use the stupid hammer loop for.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by CQBManny
    I just haven't figured out what I can use the stupid hammer loop for.....
    That "Tactical 18 oz Claw Hammer" with a built-in laser and Tac light, of course. For "up close and personal". $235 at, of course.
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    if you like the carpenter style try carheart loger dungerys there blue jeans and are double leged have a long were life bit pricy at 45 dollars a pair

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