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Wilderness Belts

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Thread: Wilderness Belts

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    Wilderness Belts

    I am about to order a Wilderness belt, and I am wondering which I should order, the 5 stitch or the 5 stitch with plastic reinforcement.

    I carry OWB, a SIG P239 or P250 and am hoping to soon transition over to OWB carry of a S&W M66. Obviously a heavy piece, thats why I wondered if I would need the plastic reinforcment or if the 5 stitch would be stiff enough?


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    I am about to order a Wilderness belt, and I am wondering which I should order, the 5 stitch or the 5 stitch with plastic reinforcement.
    I just faced this same question and decided to order the Combat Shooter's Model (CSM) which is the 5-stitch with the plastic reinforcement.
    My reason for choosing the CSM was purely experimental in that I already have couple of good, leather gun belts.

    I tested it out by carrying a Springfield XD45 Service in a Comp-Tac. I loaded it with 13 +1 240 grain ammo and also added two full mags in a double magazine carrier along with a Spyderco Police folding knife.

    Together, I estimate a load of approximately 70 ounces on the CSM.

    That, in my experience, is a really substantial load for CCW carry. For the record, that would be much more than I have ever carried and more than I ever would carry for concealed carry. Just wanted to see how the belt performed on my waist. In a word, terrific! I caarried that load around for the better part of a day which consisted of walking, sitting, getting in and out (as well as riding) of my pickup truck. In short every day movements. Easy carry. The extra stiffness really does provide a great carry platform.

    The next week, or so, I just used the CSM as a regular belt (1-1/2") with my regular carry combo. That is a Ruger Sp-01 with a kydex Appendi Carry holster (see pic) which is much lighter than my "test load"! I am retired and my usual attire is jeans/dockers. Once again, I was really pleased.

    So, for me, the choice of the CSM Wilderness was the right one. The extra stiffness is a great asset and was no problem at all.

    Probably much more than you wanted to know but I was just itching to write this review! Good luck.
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    Either will work, and I have 2 of the plain 5-stitch...over 5 years old and still in great shape. (Not used all the time...but used.)
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    The plastic insert is nice but you will only really need it if you are wearing drop gear off of it to prevent the belt from rolling over. Wilderness Belts and the rest of their product line rocks. It is a family business and they take pride in what they do.- George

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    Just the plain 5 stitch is all that you will need. I have been using mine almost daily for 3 years to cary full size Glocks and XD 45 in IWB and OWB holsters without a problem.
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    Has anybody used these with velcro clips?

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    I have a 5 stitch and a CSM. Both will do but I prefer the CSM unless I'm carrying IWB. The CSM is the most solid and stable belt I've owned and a bit more comfortable with a heavy load after a long day.
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    Here's what I wear, I like it and it seems well made and holds my P229 just fine. Good support.
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    I use either a 5.11 instructors belt or a bianchi leahter belt

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    The plain 5 stitch Instructor's belt works fine for me. PLENTY stiff and made solid.

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    I have the 5 stitch. It's a great belt and would HIGHLY suggest it! I think if I was going to carry a more full sized gun I'd go with the CSM model.
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    What he said.Use it all the time.

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