SoTech Mission Pack Review

SoTech Mission Pack Review

This is a discussion on SoTech Mission Pack Review within the Related Gear & Equipment forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Recently I took receipt of the Mission Pack from SoTech, one of my favorite purveyors of innovative nylon gear. Since the vast majority of SoTech ...

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Thread: SoTech Mission Pack Review

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    SoTech Mission Pack Review

    Recently I took receipt of the Mission Pack from SoTech, one of my favorite purveyors of innovative nylon gear. Since the vast majority of SoTech gear is heavily geared towards those doing the Lord’s work in distant lands, I do my best to keep an eye out for their products that may have a broader appeal to the prepared citizenry at large. The Mission Pack is one of these products.

    Only really having one picture of the pack to look at on the SoTech site, all I could really tell was that I liked the look of the pack specifically because it did not have lots of extra straps and MOLLE for show which seems to be the rage these days with some companies trying to get citizens to buy cool guy pseudo military gear.

    Upon arrival, the first thing I noticed was the heavily padded ALICE type shoulder straps, a very enhanced version. Being a relatively big guy at 6’2, 290 lbs, I have always had a problem with finding packs with shoulder straps that fit because of my shoulder width. This pack has solved that issue. They are also very adjustable in many ways, including the sternum strap.

    Another feature that jumped right out at me was the dual drag handles, which of course I had to immediately wrap with parachute cord. As far as MOLLE, the pack has two rows on the bottom, four on the bottom of the sides, and three on the bottom compartment on the back. None of it is useless or placed without reason. There are two cinch straps attached to the outside bottom compartment. The back features heavy duty zippers topped off with zipper pulls over molded with heavy plastic that not only silence them but allow use with gloves. This is the first pack I have ever had that did not get the zipper pulls cut off to be immediately replaced with parachute cord.

    The top of the pack also features two hydration / commo slots protected by open-ended flaps for ease of access.

    Opening the pack reveals the backside of the pack that has a two-inch wide Velcro strip allowing you to attach SoTech mission specific subloads. I happened to have a piece of webbing with elastic attached to it that was placed at the top of the Velcro strip of the pack. This is used to retain my RMJ Tactical Shrike Tomahawk, handle up, in the pack for easy accessibility. This is made rigid by a removable frame sheet. The flap side of the pack has two spacious heavy mesh pockets with a smaller version of the plastic zipper pulls. Also on the mesh is Velcro for attaching nametapes for identifying mission specific gear. This is great for things like first aid kits because they allow you to send someone to retrieve what you need in an emergency. For redundancy, all my FAKs have red parachute cord on them as well.

    My two favorite things about the bag are the front pockets and the over all design of the bag. I use the bottom pocket for admin items like notebooks etc, and use a GP pouch from Diamondback Tactical to hold my Pelican Micro Cases that hold my Oakleys and camera as well as my Mechanix Gloves. The MOLLE on the front of the GP pouch is great for holding my Hinderer Kubaton pen, stainless Steel Sharpie and other pen like items. As pictured, the bottom pouch was designed to accept the SoTech Mission Go Bag that I have previously reviewed, even further increasing the overall usefulness of the pack. The top pocket is where I keep all the little things I use every day like medications, cigar accouterments and other sundry items. This pocket also contains a Velcro strip that I placed another panel with elastic loops on. It is great for things like my Surefire Backup light. These are the two pouches I “live” out of, and due to the overall design of the pack, I can access things while the bag is next to me on the car seat. It also provides a tiered set up when sitting on the ground allowing rapid location of most commonly used items.

    It just so happens that the week after receiving the bag I had to leave on a 1600-mile road trip to the Blade Show in Atlanta. It has been my habit to use a three-day pack as my suitcase on trips, so I decided to put the Mission Pack to the test. With all my usual Bag of Evil contents in the bag, I was still able to pack my bathroom kit and four days of clothes in the main compartment of the bag. Even with the main compartment full, the bag was still very comfortable to carry. Because of using subloads, I was able to take out a few pouches into the front seat with me that I knew I would need along the way and stow the bag itself in the back.

    Once at the show, I removed my clothes, hung them up, and continued to use the Mission Pack and a regular Bag of Evil.

    This may be the best “backpack” I have ever owned. It fits me and serves my needs. A nice addition is that I know it had the normal bombproof construction that I have come to expect from SoTech. With an MSRP of $155, this is a bargain when compared to other packs in the same class.


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