Gas Masks: What are your reviews/preferences, for a SHTF option?

Gas Masks: What are your reviews/preferences, for a SHTF option?

This is a discussion on Gas Masks: What are your reviews/preferences, for a SHTF option? within the Related Gear & Equipment forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Hey guys, For people who have experience with gas masks (purchased or tried out), what are your reviews/preferences as considering a gas mask as an ...

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Thread: Gas Masks: What are your reviews/preferences, for a SHTF option?

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    Gas Masks: What are your reviews/preferences, for a SHTF option?

    Hey guys,

    For people who have experience with gas masks (purchased or tried out), what are your reviews/preferences as considering a gas mask as an addition to your home SHTF stash?

    I've been checking out gas masks, kind of a low priority now, at Approved Gas Masks - NBC gas masks and gas mask safety supplies

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    I have no experience with such - though it would probably be a good idea to get some. Expect to take some crap from anti-preparedness members.

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    I have worn the Scott SCBA many times when fighting fires. It worked well.

    I used to wear the MSA (single and double cartridge)at work when machining radioactive parts. The metal chips and particles coming off of the piece due to the machine process was radioactive and did not need to be breathed. Nothing like operating a lathe wearing anti-C's a couple of pairs of rubber gloves and a fogged up gas mask where you could barely see what you were doing.

    The MSA works well. I still have to go through a yearly re-qual where the mask is donned, you do some exercises, and read some sentences while being hooked up to a computerized smoke generator that reads the PPM concentration both in and out of the mask.

    Most of the Police around here use the MSA or the Advantage when using gas. They work well.

    Have you ever won a mask for any period of time?
    It pun intended.
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    I don't have one but I feel it is a necessary addition to the emergency kit in your car/home.

    I did ask an ex-Marine who used to be my neighbor and he suggested this one for civilian use:
    Israeli M15 Military Gas Mask w/ Nato Filter Israeli M15 Military Gas Mask w/ Nato Filter: Health & Personal Care
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    I am not that into the NBC military style gas masks. They are usually expensive, old, used?, uncomfortable, and expired.

    I do own a few particulate/chemical OSHA certified respirators. They are cheap ($30). They have a faceplate and 2 filters attached. They are the style the Asbestos Abatement guys wear when working. They are effective against dust, pollen, asbestos, germs/bacteria and the like. The filters with activated carbon are effective against light chemicals. Look for something with a P100 rating (100% efficient at removing particles). Chemical cartridges must be matched to the chemicals you will encounter and remain sealed until used and they do expire. AO Safety 95090 Quicklatch PRO Dual Cartridge Respirator: Home Improvement

    They are great for doing work around the house too. Much more effective and comfortable then the elastic bra-cup style ones.

    Don't forget appropriate goggles and clothing. They do make OSHA respirators with full face plates that cover your eyes. They always get foggy...

    The Tyvek suits are effective against particles and are comfortable to wear. Plastic or Vinyl will block all liquids and chemicals, but are soooo hot and sweaty.

    Tyvek Suits - Plastic Suit - Protective Suits

    additional reading:

    Respirators - NPPTL/ NIOSH topic page
    OSHA Respiratory Protection - FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

    Respirators are not effective without: proper training in their use, appropriate match to the contaminants or chemicals encountered, adequate oxygen, proper eyewear and clothing, against smoke and fire, and decontamination equipment (showers).

    The only respirators for dangerous atmospheres are SCBA (like firefighters or divers use with a dedicated air supply tank).

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    Canadian C-3 M69 NBC Gas Mask.
    From some articles I have read this mask had problems when a new manufacturer began making them. The new (30,000 found to have problems with the seal around the voice transmitter) ones have a green faceplate. The older ones 1992 and before have a black faceplate. To date I have seen nothing saying the older (black face plate) have any problems.

    The ones I have seal tight and no odors can be detected through them if adjusted correctly.

    They accept current NATO approved NBC filters and were new when I bought them (5 years ago) and are as supple and pliant now as then.

    My 2cents.


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    I would say if you think you need it. go for it!

    Remember, you also need good filters, and depending on the "agent" involved some filters break down relatively quickly.

    Also make sure you can change the filter(s) quickly, a whole generation of military never realized they were wearing a death trap with the M-17 mask... I defy anyone to hold their breath long enough to properly change the filters in one!

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    The Israeli one above is pretty decent.

    Make sure when you get one you fit it properly, and check to make sure it functions properly (we use CS gas to do this, but I'm sure there are better ways).

    Also, it takes some practice to do things like fire a weapon with a gas mask on, so some training wouldn't hurt.
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    My Hazmat team uses MSA and I like them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by buckeyeLCPL View Post
    Make sure when you get one you fit it properly, and check to make sure it functions properly (we use CS gas to do this, but I'm sure there are better ways).
    Banana oil, but I'm not sure where you'd find it.

    I am not a proponent of having dedicated NBC gear for SHTF scenarios.
    For radiation, the major problem is dust. A regular dust mask such as you might see on a at a hardware store would be almost as useful as a military gas mask. Thinking more on this, a well fitting mask would be a good idea for my GHB if there were some sort of bombing/fire like we had on 9/11. I still wouldn't invest in something with NBC rating.

    For inhaled chemicals, a mask is only helpful if you have it on hand at the time of the attack. By on hand I mean on your person. If you have to run to your car and dig through your trunk, it's no good. If you have warning of an imminent attack, get out of Dodge.

    For your skin absorbed chemicals, you'd need the full suit, which can take a couple of minutes to put on (if you have it on hand). Best thing to do here is again, run.

    I'm not saying that the idea is without merit, just not for me.
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    A gas Mask is a nice addtion if you already have a years worth of food, and plenty of other supplies.
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