Need Ear Muff Recommendations

Need Ear Muff Recommendations

This is a discussion on Need Ear Muff Recommendations within the Related Gear & Equipment forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I'm looking for a new set of ear muffs for the range to replace the less-than-comfortable $20 pair I have now. Can anyone recommend a ...

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Thread: Need Ear Muff Recommendations

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    Need Ear Muff Recommendations

    I'm looking for a new set of ear muffs for the range to replace the less-than-comfortable $20 pair I have now.

    Can anyone recommend a good set? I'm looking to spend up to $75 or so.

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    Just my opinion, but I looked at several different brands. Believe it or not, the ones that I settled on were from Harbor Freight. (you can go to their website and order from there if you don't have one local)
    They had better specs than most and didn't cost any where near as much. Now, of course, you can go the route of the electronic ones, but I truly believe in the KISS method.
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    Like anything you "wear", this is a very personal choice. I like the Howard Leight Impact Sport because of it's comfort, effectiveness and ability to fold into a compact form. I saw a lot of them at the matches I attended when ammo was more available and cheaper.
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    A few companies make muffs with microphones to amplify low level sounds and block blast sounds. Several are in your price range. They come in monaural and stereo.

    I use a stereo set for hunting, so also at the range. Stereo lets me get a direction for the sound location. If just for range use, the mono are less expensive.

    Mine are comfortable, and I bought them (on sale) for about $50. Only problem is one side will tend to squeal when it gets really humid. At the range, I just turn off whichever side is squealing; in the woods, that tactic loses my direction-finding.

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    I just bought the Howard Leight Impact Sport electronic muffs but haven't got them yet: Howard Leight R-01526 Impact Sport Electronic Earmuff: Home Improvement

    Howard Leight Impact Sport Electronic Noise Amplification Earmuffs R-01526 FREE S&H R-01526. Howard Leight Hearing Protection, Howard Leight Communication.

    These and the Peltor 6s muffs look like the best in your price range. I already have some HL non electronic muffs (LOF and LO3) and like them a lot in terms of comfort and build quality so I just stuck with Howard Leight again. Also, the fact that I can get them for $50 shipped makes it an easier decision.

    Here's another thread on the Impact Sports:


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    One note about electronic muffs, they change your perception of shooting. Since the initial blast is not heard but everything before and after is, I get a 'quiet space' of a fraction of a second when I feel the shot (recoil and concussive shock) but hear nothing; then I hear the 'after shot' as the volume fades away. This is different from a regular muff, where the sound peaks when you shoot,, and everything else is quite. When I turned the power off, they were regular muffs; that's when I noticed the difference.

    At the range, this electronic audio 'blink' occurs when the shooter next to me fires, but is barely perceptible because there is no recoil or concussive effect. It takes some getting used to, but I think the blink improves my shooting: my bullet is through the target before I hear the shot.

    I have the Radians brand, but others offer the same kind of product. Google "electronic hearing protection" if you're interested.

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