Pocket carry item? Crazy?

Pocket carry item? Crazy?

This is a discussion on Pocket carry item? Crazy? within the Related Gear & Equipment forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Ladies and gentelmen, My first post. I have spent the last two weeks reading this forum from page 74 to 1. I feel like I ...

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Thread: Pocket carry item? Crazy?

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    Lightbulb Pocket carry item? Crazy?

    Ladies and gentelmen,

    My first post. I have spent the last two weeks reading this forum from page 74 to 1. I feel like I know many of you, and I gotta say. I really like you guys! I have learned a ton and filled my "favorites" with countless links for future refferences and purchaces. I work in the highest three zip codes for murder in the Kansas City, Mo. area. I own and and/ or manage for others 60+/- houses. Personal safty and a tactacal mindset are in my and my employees' forethoughts every day. We hear gun shots at least once a week and I have watched now, nine drive by shootings, had five tenants shot, and a dozen of my houses shot at/up over the years, countless approaches from drunks, hookers, the candyman. Life in the Uban Core...

    That offered as background, I offer the simple monocular as a primary piece of EDC gear. I can sight down a street, get a car tag, check a house for movement through the windows, check out the dudes running in and out of the house six doors down to see if one has a gun out etc. Just a cheepie, my work pants have pouches built in with plenty of quick access. Best of all when I retun to South Johnson County (land of milk and honey) I have close up viewing of the Hummingbirds and baby Wrenns from my deck.

    So what do you guys think anyone else keep binos or a monocular beside your Surefire weekhand front pocket? Crazy Idea? What brands do guys carry or reccomend?

    Thanks for letting me intoduce myself.

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    Cincinnati OH
    I don't carry one every day, but I do always have one along when hiking or kayaking, for wildlife/bird viewing. Actually, now that you mention it, a mono could be useful around town as well.

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    Phoenix, AZ
    I have honestly never considered one.
    for me, I realy do not need one but for you it sounds like it is usefull.
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    Central Florida


    from Central Florida!

    I would not find it useful for me, but you have to decide for yourself.

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    Member Array mfcmb's Avatar
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    Sep 2008
    The situations I've prepared myself for are more akin to face-to-face confrontations (don't draw unless you're going to shoot, don't shoot unless it's the only way to save your life...) so I've never thought of carrying a monocular.

    But in the situation you describe a monocular or even binocular seems very practical. Some binocular come with cameras, and might be useful in documenting the things you see from afar (license plate numbers, etc.).

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    Senior Member Array highoctane's Avatar
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    First off, welcome. As far as EDC is concerned, what works for someone may not work for someone else. I dont think i would use it very often. But if you use it alot and find it helpful, by all means carry it. It doesnt sound like it takes up much room.

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    Akron, Ohio
    Welcome from Ohio. I can see a use for it but I wouldn't carry one everyday.
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    At ranges I would consider to be able to prove in court as reasonable SD I have good enough eyesight to spot a threat,besides the girl washing a car down the street in a bikini being a viable threat I was checking out would be a tough sell to my wife
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    Northern California
    Welcome Lyndon! Great suggestion on the monocular. I might want one for backcountry and hunting.
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    Apr 2009
    South Carolina
    First off, welcome. I keep a small apir of binoculars in the truck, but don't carry any with me. Having a moncular might not be a bad idea, don't know about EDC though. Keep your head down, sounds like you have a lot of lead flying around.

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    VIP Member Array David in FL's Avatar
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    There might be times when it'd be nice to have, but to me, the limited benefit just wouldn't justify devoting pocket space that could better be used for something else.

    BTW, welcome to the forum!
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    Hey from Bama
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    Senior Member Array bzdog's Avatar
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    Seattle(ish), WA
    I actually do have a small monocular in my EDC backpack, but it isn't handy enough in there for tactical use, but then again, my environment isn't like yours either.



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    Since the OP is my boss who I work with everyday, I personnally am for the monocular. They should be standard issue along with my Surefire, a Wilson Combat CQB and a vest. Combined w/ a bug, an 870 Remington, a batton, a framin' hammer and a utility knife....we'll live another day.

    Welcome to the forum lyndon!
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    Welcome. Sounds like a good idea! Time to swipe my old mono from my kids, or go buy me a new one.

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