While testing my Pro Ears Com Tac Gold at the range today I had the opportuinty to compare them to a Caldwell Platinum G3. The Pro Ears has a definite advantage in quality over the Caldwell, also the quality of the sound was more clear in the Pro Ears, the Caldwell G3sounded a bit tinny. Both sets had very little background noise or hiss and amplification was good. The Pro Ears also has a 360 degree directional mic so you hear everything thats going on around you, the Caldwell was more limited in this area.. The Caldwell has a 21NRR and the Pro Ears has a rating of 33NRR. When shooting I found the gunfire more subdued with the Pro Ears and there was no loss of normal sounds, the Caldwell had more of a crack and after the shot was fired and there was a secondary echo. Both sets were brand new and tested for the first time today. There is a big difference in price between the two with the Pro Ears varying between about $200to $330 depending on model while the Caldwell G3 at about $55. When compared to standard or passive ear muffs the gunfire appears to be a bit more muffeled than in the electronic set.
The only negatives I found in my Pro Ears is that the batteries are located inside the well of the muff and it is close to the ears, also the cutout and sealing ring could be a bit larger. The Caldwell on/off volumn control is hard to use, to me it seems almost like a small thumb wheel. The batteries are located in a compartment on the outside of the muff but it is not an easy procedure to close the compartment, the Caldwell also suffers from the same small cutout and sealing ring issue . I definitely find the Pro Ears to be excellent and will not go back to a standard or passive muff. Even though the Pro Ears is expensive you are getting a good quality product, made in USA with a 5 year warrenty. The Caldwell is made in China and has a one year warrenty. I hope this information is helpful.