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Thoughts On Pepper Spray.

This is a discussion on Thoughts On Pepper Spray. within the Related Gear & Equipment forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I thought about it but I came to the conclusion that as windy as it is in this state the possibility of blowback is to ...

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Thread: Thoughts On Pepper Spray.

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    I thought about it but I came to the conclusion that as windy as it is in this state the possibility of blowback is to great and the last thing I would want to do is give an opportunity to a bad guy to get the upperhand. I might as well not carry a weapon and accept being a victim.

    I refuse to be a victim so I carry a firearm.

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    I carry Punch II pepper spray. I used to work in a max. security prison and that is what we used in our lockdown unit. I never saw it fail, unlike a couple of other brands. I have been hit with and it definately does the job. I carry it because your first level of force should not be lethal unless first met with lethal force. It is all to common for people to get hostile with others for no good reason (such as road rage). If the other person does not have a lethal weapon, shooting him is not a very wise move. You also do not want to fight with someone when you are carrying a pistol. What if the other person takes your gun away? The first rule should be to do everything that you can to avoid a confrontation in the first place. If there is no choice, I would rather attempt a less than lethat solution first. Although I don't carry OC for the legal implications, you do have a valid point. It would make you look like you attempted to avoid deadly force if you used pepper spray first.
    "To be prepared for war is one of the most effectual means of preserving peace" George Washington

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    i no longer carry any oc or mace , when i was an officer it was in our force continuam and i had to , now i am not trying to restrain anyone safely , i dont need that particular option , nor the inconvienance of carrying it
    Make sure you get full value out of today , Do something worthwhile, because what you do today will cost you one day off the rest of your life .
    We only begin to understand folks after we stop and think .

    Criminals are looking for victims, not opponents.

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    I carry OC everywhere I go. While at work and when off duty. I also encourage all of my CCH students to carry some tyoe of less than lethal tool with them when they are carrying concealed.

    I feel that when you are carrying you should always give yourself an alternative to deadly force and pepper spray gives you that.
    Ain't no one getting out of this world alive. All you can do is try to have some choice in the way you go. Prepare yourself (and your affairs), and when your number is up, die on your feet fighting rather than on your knees. And make the SOBs pay dearly."
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    I carried OC on the street for beau coup years. Great stuff for "attitude adjustment" of folks who fail to comply. Now that I'm retired, I still carry OC as I'd sure rather "baptize" a person than light him up with my piece if it can be avoided. It just lessens the cost of lawyers, etc.

    Carrying OC has an added advantage. If you do ever have to shoot "Mr. Johnny Bebad". When you appear before the Grand Jury to explain why you busted a cap in the fourth point of contact of Mr. Bebad, you will also have an oppurtunity to explain to the Grand Jury that you really used the Deadly Force as a last resort. That you also carried non lethal alternatives, but unfortunatily the indecent escalated beyond that and you had no choice. The carrying of non lethal weapon in addition to your pistol shows law enforcement and the Prosecutors that you seek alternatives to using deadly force.

    Jungle Work

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    The carrying of non lethal weapon in addition to your pistol shows law enforcement and the Prosecutors that you seek alternatives to using deadly force.
    That JW is I think well worth bearing in mind - if of course the ''situation'' permits a stage by stage escalation instead of needing instant lethal response.
    Chris - P95
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    I carry Punch II on duty and have been priveledged to have participated in several discussions where words were spoken with the hands and feet and an occasional ASP.

    In order to carry it, we had to be sprayed with it. It was not pleasant.

    That being said, if one can avoid using a handgun by using spray to de-escalate the situation, chances are it just saved you tens of thousands in lawyer fees by not having to cap someone.

    I'd much rather spend 10-15 bucks on a can of spray. In the unlikely event that it didnt work and you progressed to a gun, at least you can say that you tried....

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