What brand of AR-15 should I buy?

What brand of AR-15 should I buy?

This is a discussion on What brand of AR-15 should I buy? within the Related Gear & Equipment forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I have been seriously thinking of buying an AR-15. I just don't know what brand to get. I have a budget of $900 total. That's ...

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Thread: What brand of AR-15 should I buy?

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    What brand of AR-15 should I buy?

    I have been seriously thinking of buying an AR-15. I just don't know what brand to get. I have a budget of $900 total. That's with tax and background check. Anybody have any suggestions on a solid reliable riffle in that price range?
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    Bushmasters used to be in that price range and some models may still be.

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    Gosh. This subject has been posted to death. Please do a search.

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    First off, I see that you have recently joined the ranks here. Let me welcome you to what I consider the best defensive carry site on the web. There is a wealth of information here, and many friendly and knowledgebale people.

    If you check the Rifle section you will find many post regarding your concerns. I myself was in the same boat as you recently and went with, although it cost a little more, a Colt. I decided that since I use one at work it made sense to have the same rifle to train on at home on my own time.

    With that said I will be turning in my credentials in two weeks and resigning my position. I was not asked to resign, it is just something I felt was the right thing to do, as I didn't agree with how things are going. I tried to make a change for the better but kept getting my head bloody from hitting the brick wall.

    Anyway, enough about me. Welcome and enjoy your time here.


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    You could always build a parts gun if finances are a problem.
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    Many options to suit your needs. Personally I would suggest a $800-1000 price range to start. If you really like AR's you can always upgrade.
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    Pick up a used Bushy or DPMS.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ExactlyMyPoint View Post
    Gosh. This subject has been posted to death. Please do a search.
    Nearly all subjects have!

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    When I bought my AR, I too had a price range. I went to my local gun shop and asked what was available in that range.
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    I used a DPMS throughout my 3-gun days, I will swear by those guns, so will a lot of 3-gun guys I know......

    I bought a sportical 3 weeks before the election for $625.00, I don't know about now though.....Here is a link to gunsamerica where I searched:

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    In before "the chart".

    In that price range, go with Stag.
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    Um...... VERY subjective......
    Might as well ask....
    Blond, brunett, or redhead.......

    Everyone has their favorite......
    and everyones favorite will be better than the rest for whatever reason.
    more to the question would be.... any to STAY AWAY from??
    I personally have not heard any bad things about the major manufactures of ARs. If you have the knowledge, want a CUSTOM gun, and are not overly concerned with warrenty, building one would be a good option..... you can pick EVERYTHING you would like on it, or in it....
    if you want quick and easy, check your local gun market, gun show for a used one.... or, I promise you'll find a nice new one for $900, but may have to wait a few weeks to get it in stock..... pay more, have it right away.....
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    There's a better selection of AR models from a wider range of manufacturers than ever before in history! Your budget will get you a nice mid-grade M4 clone. Unless you go cheap, cheap, you'll be hard-pressed to be disappointed. IMHO> DPMS & RRA (OK), Stag (+1), Bushmaster (-1)... but it's your pick!
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    your budget definitely knocks out colt and Rock River

    for your budget I'd look at DPMS or Bushmaster
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    I suggest a Brunett and a RRA. I bought an very nice RRA with a quadrail from hit and run in Waycross GA through the mail for about that range. It was just befors the craze hit. I think it was spring '08. Shipped it to a local FFL, cost me $25 for transfer.

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