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Talk To Me About Meals Ready To Eat MRE

This is a discussion on Talk To Me About Meals Ready To Eat MRE within the Related Gear & Equipment forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; When I was working security down in NOLA last year, we got a TON of MREs from the local NG that we'd use on post ...

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Thread: Talk To Me About Meals Ready To Eat MRE

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    When I was working security down in NOLA last year, we got a TON of MREs from the local NG that we'd use on post for lunch and such. I have to say, I found they tasted quite good, as long as you heated them up. I didn't see any freeze dried ketchup though.

    There was a Cajun rice, beans and sausage meal that rivaled one I tasted at a local bar.

    I brought 3 of them home with me, and my kids ate them up.

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    Try RX-Bars

    I found RX-Bars... One large bar = complete meals for one person for 3 days... 5 year shelf life and designed to require minimal water consumption. No palm oils and non-alergenic. Reviews said they tasted great. Minimal storage space.

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    be aware of the differences in MREs. for starters, government/military MREs are not available for sale legally. the MREs you find at army/navy stores are civilian MREs sold by various manufacturers and they tend to vary somewhat in quality. the government/military MREs are much more consistant, but the only place ive found genuine MREs is on ebay, and i typically pay about $100 for two cases (24 meals) shipped. the cooler you keep them, the longer they will remain edible beyond their stamped date.

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    I think I'm sticking wirh commercial camping dehydrated.

    OK MET RX-Bars I just found them on the web.
    GREAT...I could pack a box of those...IN ADDITION to some real tasting food...
    yum yum favorite.
    Liberty Over Tyranny Μολὼν λαβέ

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    I was active army, M1 Abrams tanks, from 87-91 so I got to enjoy quite a few of the older (Gen 1-2?) MREs.
    As one poster pointed out, the tank offered several ways to heat the meals. The exhaust grill was the most popular place for heating anything such as coffee, canned soup or even MREs.
    I actually enjoyed the dehydrated Beef and pork pattie meals. I remember mixing the dehydrated ketchup with water and how, when the shelf stable bread came out we could make sandwiches. Being tankers we rarely had to worry about water since we carried a couple of 5 gallon cans full of it in the bussle rack. I liked the frankfurters and just about all the early MREs except the chicken-ala-king.
    During Desert Shield/Storm I was always grabbing the Spaghetti with meatsauce as soon as we got a new box.
    I took about 4 cases with me after I got out of the Army and I'm glad I did. I fell on some hard times and ended up living in my car for a while. THe MREs were often my only meals available. I'd wake up, cranks the car and heat the meal on the engine block while getting ready for the day.
    As someone mentioned, the Army passed out bunches of the newer MREs down here during Katrinia and I've gotten to try some. I'm not as impressed with them. Sure they are tasty enough to almost pass for real food. It's the menu choices they offer. I have a pretty bland diet and the military is trying to cater to several tastes by offering more variety in it's menu. That's great and I applaud them but I miss some of the older menu items.
    I'm interested in trying some of the commercially available Heater Meals that several of the aid agencies relied on during Katrina. I saw a few but never got a chance to try them.
    For now, since I'm not in any shape to be hiking several miles and climbing mountians, I'll most likely depend on canned foods such as Dity Moore stews, Chef Bordee ravioli and similar commercially available products to get us through any emergencies.

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    Remember that a MRE has enough caloric intake for a day of meals.

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    alpo in the bag. look for the real thing. get yourself some c-rats. if you are luckly you can get the rats that has smokes in them.

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