Durability of fiber optics

Durability of fiber optics

This is a discussion on Durability of fiber optics within the Related Gear & Equipment forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I am considering mounting a HI-VIZ front sight on my Kimber Pro Carry. I have a Williams Fire Sight on my Mini-14 and love it. ...

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Thread: Durability of fiber optics

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    Durability of fiber optics

    I am considering mounting a HI-VIZ front sight on my Kimber Pro Carry. I have a Williams Fire Sight on my Mini-14 and love it. But, I have heard different "Horror stories" regarding fiber optics breaking, falling out ect. Does anyone have a FIRST HAND experience they would share?

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    I use FOs on all my hand guns of some sort. I have TFOs on my 19 and 34 and other on my M&P Pro and Springfield Loaded. The Pro and 34 are my competition guns and have been used quite a bit and the 19 is my EDC. Okay, I grant you that I haven't used the Loaded much at all yet. I'm moving to that next season. But they are fine on all the rest. Never had a problem.

    I will say that if this is going to be an EDC that I'd look into night sights instead, or in addition to, FOs. I think they make TFOs for the Kimbers. it is always nice to see those sights in the dark.
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    I like the visibility of fiber, they really stand out.........BUT I have to replace the fiber way to often! I have to keep .040 & .060 pieces to replace when they break. I even carry a small piece in my wallet in case it breaks while I not at home.

    I have even changed the fiber on my Les Baer Premier TWICE in the last week. One broke while shooting & the other must have broke when holstering the firearm.

    I'm still looking for one that will hold up on my 1911s............
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    I have TruGlo TFO's on a pistol. At the range one day, the front sight fiber fell out, never to be seen again. I went to visit TruGlo (local enough to me to drive to) and they replaced the sight in an hour gratis.
    So far, no probs on the replacement. If they fail again, I will have XS 24/7 big dots installed instead.

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    I had a Dawson Precision FO front sight installed on my SA 1911-A1 as by the suggestion of S&W shooter Tom Yost.
    He runs the same sight on his guns including 1911s and the S&W M&P9 and M&P9 Performance Center guns I lately most often see him running.
    I'd talked to him about fiber life just last month on the phone and then again direct as we were SOs at a S&W employee product shoot event.

    He burns through a _lot_ of ammo per month between training and competition.
    His suggestion to me as related to Dawson FO in specific was that with exposure to sunlight and recoil force in specific that tubes will grow and I quote; "Dull". They will lose their luminescent quality over time and require replacement which he detailed for me how to do even as the package came with such instructions.
    He went on to say expect to have to replace the fiber every year (12 mos.).
    Before I'd bought them I talked to him about holster wear and he noted he has never had a problem with them as with an otherwise standard fit holster. My experience has been same with all but one of my own holsters.
    The outlier being my Bandera 'Beltster' which is a slide type holster system.

    It's also generally advised to not get cleaning fluids on to the sight tube/fiber optic.
    I've had mine installed since July and thus far have been quite pleased.
    I'll remember to bump this thread if my tube happens to get brittle and break or fall out (!) as opposed to go dull and require a change out.

    BTW this is one amongst my carry guns. I have no dedicated competition gun as I have little mindset toward competition in specific. I largely shoot IDPA for the trigger time.
    I generally would not carry this gun at night not though because of the FO sight but more so because if I'm out at night it's to a club or pool hall or dancing or some other place where maximum concealment capability is required. In that case I bring along my Colt Defender, which has XS Big Dot sights w/ tritium inserts.
    At home though it is paired with a flashlight which when used properly provides more than enough sight picture illumination to make at the very least a combat accurate shot. I've tested this on a darkened range.
    A lot of people note that FO is wrong for night time use. Untrue.
    All sights are wrong for night time use. UNLESS you have a illuminator of some sort which in low light/no light conditions should be mandatory be you walking the dog at night or in your bed at home.

    - Janq
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    Thanks, I will go with XS Big Dot!

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    I put a fiber optic front site on my 30-30 rifle because it works so well with a little light or on a bright day, but it's not for a SD pistol.

    Chances are that the preditors will come out in dim or no light...then what? I want a glowing front site for point shooting...OMOYMV
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    I use a Trijicon M&P Night Sight on my Smith & Wesson for almost two years. The illumination never faded and it stayed center the whole time. The gun and sight have been close friends ever since.

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    All my Glocks have TFOs and some see a lot of use, no issues yet. I have installed over a dozen sets for customers I guess. I saw one side of a rear sight die, no problem with the fiber optic part, just a failure of the Tritium vial, and Tru Glo replaced it free.

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    TFOs on my G26 - love 'em. No issues.
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