Please, I need help choosing night sights for my CCW

This is a discussion on Please, I need help choosing night sights for my CCW within the Related Gear & Equipment forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Hi, I need to get a 3 Dot night sight system for my CCW, and I am considering two of them: the Trijicon and the ...

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Thread: Please, I need help choosing night sights for my CCW

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    Please, I need help choosing night sights for my CCW


    I need to get a 3 Dot night sight system for my CCW, and I am considering two of them: the Trijicon and the Novak. I wonder if you have any experience with them, or perhaps you can recommend an even better sight system. The system will be installed by a gunsmith and not by me. All advices and ideas are very welcome!
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    I like my Trijicons for sure. Great day or nite. But my house guns have XS Big Dots on them. Very fast target aquisition. There are NOT range guns mind you in that they stink for accurately punching paper. I'm Considering changing out the Trij's on my G30 for the XSBD's but not until I have some fun guns for the range. When i get some, all my carry SD guns will have Big Dots on them.

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    I just replaced a Trijicon set that had been there for 21 years!

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    Give the XS sights a look.
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    I love my Glocks, they all have Trij's on them...
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    Have always had good luck with Trijicons and Meprolights.
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    I can support Novak sights without reservation!
    Rugged and simple and rounded, they do the job and make no excuses!
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    Meprolights for me from now on. I've had the Trijicons and like the Meps better and they are usually less expensive.

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    Another vote for Trijicons here...
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    Meprolights on both my Glocks. Optics Planet had the best price for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TX-JB View Post
    Another vote for Trijicons here...
    And another vote for the Trijicons.

    I really like the Green Front Yellow Rear combo. It seems to work better for my eyes in dim light over all green.


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    One of my weapons has green front with yellow rear Trijicon night sights... I REALLY like how easy it is to differentiate and pick up that front sight!
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    Interesting the Trijicon accolades mention the different colors for front/rear. I won't knock the Trijicons simply because I still have them on some. Somehow defending my choices here.....the Meps are brighter for me and apparently a better profile all around to my liking even for daylight sighting over the Trijicons....and they also come with green/yellow/orange options! I once entertained the idea of the different color rear sights, but I came to the conclusion that it shouldn't make a difference. Different color sights are only going to look cool while I'm holding the pistol....when I'm going to use the pistol, night sights will be night sights, and I'll be glad I had them.
    Choose from the pull down menu on these, then compare prices with Trijicon offerings. I've already done the searching for you.
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    Trijicons are very nice. I have them on my G21. They work great in any lighting situation.
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    A couple of things I have learned...

    The human brain will align a vertical sight arrangement faster than it can a horizontal sight alignment such as the traditional 3 dot sights.

    If you do get the traditional 3 dot night sights, I would highly recommend getting contrasting colors between the front sight and the rear sights instead of all the same color.

    I have the traditional three dot green tritium sights on my Glock and it takes extra time making sure the front sight is in fact the dot in the middle in very low light conditions.

    I put XS Big Dot tritium sights on my XD9sc and they are lightning fast sight acquisition and accurate. I would recommend the XS Big Dots especially if you have middle aged eyes like me or the Heine Straight 8's, which is also a vertical sight alignment.

    Below are two videos demonstrating XS Big Dots.

    The first video is at close combat range. The second video is at 25 yards, 50 yards, 75 yards and 100 yards!

    XS Big Dots Self Defense Range

    XS Big Dots at Long Range

    If you go with the XS Big Dot's, you won't be disappointed. I will be switching to them for all my defensive guns in the future.
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