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Bug out Bag, Vehicle Emergency Kit, First Aid Kit

This is a discussion on Bug out Bag, Vehicle Emergency Kit, First Aid Kit within the Related Gear & Equipment forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Want a real world BOB? For a step by step blog that is filled with TONS of useful information by someone who's been through it: ...

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Thread: Bug out Bag, Vehicle Emergency Kit, First Aid Kit

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    Want a real world BOB? For a step by step blog that is filled with TONS of useful information by someone who's been through it:
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    The mistake many make is they try to take just about everything from home in the famous (this will protect me) B.O.B. A friend in Florida told me of a group from one of his forums routinely hike with their 80-pound packs. I'd be afraid I would die of a heart attack lugging an 80-pound pack while escaping to safety! As Jensen so aptly stated, it's to get you to a safe location - not become your new residence. Have what you need including water, food and something for shelter with you as you may not be able to get to your destination immediately. My pack weighs 30# and will lighten with each water break.
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    For the bug out bag, I'd add a light-weight sleeping bag (rated for Zero degrees), a light weight pup tent (or tarp for shelter).

    Also, I laminated important documents (birth certs, titles, etc).

    I figure that if I have to bug out, it's because my house is destroyed and I'm never going back. So, I also added some family pictures to my bug out bag.

    And, most important of all, my Bible.

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    Just like the "caliber wars", "which ONE gun would you have?" and "which are better, real or fake?" arguments that will never ever be fully agreed upon in a forum, this one will not also. I think everyone needs to assess their own capabilities and experience. Some can (like mentioned) "roll out of bed" and deal with whatever comes along. Others may need more stuff ready to go and less improvising.

    With that said, I'll add my 2 cents in here... A few friends and I are currently going through this BOB excercise. Everyone's is different. However, we also broke it down into"

    1. Get Home Bag. This is designed to get you safely home from wherever you are to your "safe spot". It is not designed for more than 1, maybe 2 days of use. This can be a backpack you either carry with you daily or just sit in your car.

    2. Bug Out Bag. This is for the longer term. More stuff, more food, better medical kit, more stuff for the whole family (not just you), etc.

    3. Vehicle Only Bags. Maybe not for "bugging out" but a emergency bag in case you are stuck in the boonies, snowstorm, whatever in your car. Will probably have more things like tools, wire, fuses, etc.

    4. Remember, your CAR is also a bug-out-bag-on-wheels. You may not be able to get to it (perhaps), but it can at least haul bigger things like bigger wool blankets, jugs of water, ammo, etc.

    Man, these things are fun to make! I guess this is the "guy" version of scrapbooking.


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    I wont lie, I am a nerd I love "B.O.B" talk. However I dont really have a B.O.B , its more of a GHB or Bag of Evil. Its not a whole lot but
    like others have said. Use what works for you and eventually you will get the right mixture of gear. Good luck.

    A flashlight would be great.
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    In a digital camera case that will attach to belt and be out of the way I have a get home kit:

    space blanket
    pocket multi tool
    pocket knife
    very small flashlight
    spare battery for flash light
    map campass
    small note book
    small part of pencil
    Small lighter
    band aids
    alcohol swabs
    $2 in change
    $10 in bills
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    Not only do you need to have the contents, you need to know how to use them, like a compass and starting a fire. I know guys who couldn't gendnd keep a fire going with a flare. Practice. I learned while climbing and hiking how important it is to know exactly what is in your backpack and where it is, what pocket/compartment. When SHTF or you need to act fast you can't be spending time searching through your bag. I know where everything is and can find what I need in the dark with my eyes closed. Practice.
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    Searcher 45,

    Are you sure the camera bag is not a manlier way of saying "fanny pack"! Hehe, just kidding.

    Jeff MRC,

    Spot on. Very good point about not only having the stuff, but actually field-testing it before you need it. Does that multi-tool have a sharp enough blade? How bouta little saw blade? How tough is that flashlight? Do you really know how to use a magnesium fire starter? Would you know what to do with dryer lint and hand sanitizer? Is that poncho decent or does it tear just getting it out of its wrapping?

    I go small game hunting a lot, so when I'm sitting there in the woods waiting for a squirrel to come strolling by, sometimes I'll get bored. So, out comes the gear and I'll start "practicing". I actually made a bow-drill and started a small fire once. Never done it before and it took about 30 minutes, but I got flames!

    Practicing in the real world also gives you an idea of how difficult it will be in case of emergency. Cold. Rainy. Snowy. Hands numb. Trembling. Dexterity diminished, etc. Gotta account for that stuff.

    I'm always reminded of a great MacGyver episode (is there any other?) where he's going into some building so save a bunch of people and he's carrying a backpack or over the shoulder bag or something. Someone asks him what he's carrying in there. He says, "...it's not so much for what I carry in. It's for what I find along the way..."

    Ah MacGyver. Is there no end to your wisdom?


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