How many rounds do you have in your bug out bag/kit?

How many rounds do you have in your bug out bag/kit?

This is a discussion on How many rounds do you have in your bug out bag/kit? within the Related Gear & Equipment forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I'm not talking about your chest rig or tactical vest. I'm talking about rounds in your bug out bag. As of right now, I have ...

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Thread: How many rounds do you have in your bug out bag/kit?

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    How many rounds do you have in your bug out bag/kit?

    I'm not talking about your chest rig or tactical vest. I'm talking about rounds in your bug out bag.

    As of right now, I have about 200 rounds total HST split between 9mm and 40 S&W. Plus around 200 rounds of Hornady 223. All the weight adds up with the water, other gear, etc. I'll probably toss some loaded mags in the cars to lighten up my load.

    How many rounds do you have stored in your B.O.B?

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    I don't really have what you might call a Bug Out Bag, I basically keep my range bag ready to go. All thats in there is:

    A personal first aid kit
    A "double A" battery hand held CB radio, with spare batteries
    A Bivvy Bag
    Two MRE packs
    2 bottles of water
    and a few feet of para cord

    Apart from that its just 200 rounds of SD ammo, and another 200 of range ammo.

    my motto on this one K.I.S.S ........ Keep It Simple Stupid

    Then Im not exactly a survivalist
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    I have two different BOBs, one for pistol & the other for rifle/shotgun. The pistol bag has a spare pistol & eight full magazines. When it is packed for 1911...that's 64 rounds.

    The rifle/shottie bag has 25 rounds for the shotgun & usually three 30 round mags for AR.
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    130 rounds .45
    150 rounds .223
    31 rounds 12 gauge

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    I dont have a BOB for my reasons (another topic) but
    in my Get Home Bag I have approx 60. Moslty 45ACP and
    some .38 SPCL.
    Ruger P345, S&W 637
    SKS, Ruger 1022
    Two Fist

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    "Plenty" in the truck. Then, 1-2 boxes (50rd) of JHP depending on if it's the large or small bag, plus (3) 17rd mags.
    NRA Certified Instructor (6 years)
    Former LEO/DOD Contractor
    Active Duty Marine (Martial Arts Instructor)
    Glock 17, Kel-Tec P-11, S&W Model 60, various rifles

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    My truck is and contains my BOB.
    AK-47 and 400 rds 7.62x39
    Beretta 92, CZ-P01 and 400 rds 9mm

    Then I usually have my duty loadout with me when not on duty which is
    AR-15 and 200 rds 5.56
    Winchester 1200 and 100 rds assorted buck and slugs 12 Gauge
    Glock 22, Kahr P40, Keltec Sub 2000 and 350 rds 40 S&W
    NAA .22 mag and 250 rds .22 Mag
    Proud houlder of a Texas Open Carry License.

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    I use to think I was a super anal organized 'gun nut' but some of you guys make me look like a 1-800-SLACKER. I have a MacPro, back-up drives, dual printers and more guns than I need, but no BOB or Red Stone arsenal ammo bunker...
    “Monsters are real and so are ghosts. They live inside of us, and sometimes they win.”
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    How many rounds do you have in your bug out bag/kit?
    I honestly couldn't tell you until we're in the process of bugging out. Whatever is left behind gets get that notion out of your head.

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    If by bugout you mean what I can toss from my safes into the back of my pickup, well...let's just say I'm pretty set.
    Whitestone Castle Armory, Austin TX
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    In the bag itself? Zero. I ran into the same weight wall you are, so I split my BoB into the survival bag (which doubles as my primitive camping bag) and the chest rig. The chest rig carries all of the spare mags and gun-related items.

    This way, I can pick up just the bag and be ready to go out into the woods for the weekend, or I can throw on the chest rig over my IIIA vest in the event of a riot/katrina situation.

    Worst case scenario, I can don both chest rig and pack together, sling my rifle, and start walking. Not that I would ever want to do this, but it could be done if there were no other options. However, I think long before it came to walking out, I would have loaded up my tactical wheelbarrow (aka my truck) and gotten the duck out of fodge.
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    I use MTM boxes to keep 50 rounds of JHP organized. My Bug Out Gun is a Glock 19, so I keep 3 color coded magazines with each MTM box. Enough to fill the mags with 5 rounds left over (I guess for 4 extra zombies and then.... well, you know)

    Ammo boxes for hand guns by MTM Case-Gard - Plastic ammo reloading boxes and cases

    and I use the factory Glock orange and blue floorplates or these:

    Lone Wolf Distributors - Search Results

    I typically keep 100 rounds and 6 magazines in the bag I might use for BO. I also have a 20 round box of .32ACP in there somewhere for my Kel Tec BUG. Mine is more of a "Get Home Bag" too.

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