Night Sight Colors

Night Sight Colors

This is a discussion on Night Sight Colors within the Related Gear & Equipment forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Just beginning to research night sights ( Trijicon, etc.) and see that they are offered in different colors. I'm looking for your opinions, not only ...

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Thread: Night Sight Colors

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    Night Sight Colors

    Just beginning to research night sights ( Trijicon, etc.) and see that they are offered in different colors. I'm looking for your opinions, not only on colors but on manufacturers and styles.
    Thanks for the input.
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    I used to have a G27 with a bright green front and dull red rears. The Bright Green jumped in to view, and made sight acquisition very easy.
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    I just use the regular old green Trij's...for point shooting in low light I only need the front sight.
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    Green IMO. I personally like the Meprolight night sights better than the Tijicons. have both on my Glocks, but sticking with the Meps from now on. IMO, if you're thinking about enhancing the front sight acquisition with night sights by choosing different colors for front/rear, you might as well save some money and just buy a front night sight and leave the factory rear. This may change your sighting POI slightly depending on the height differences, but the front sight is what needs to be focused on.

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    Trijicon, yellow front/green rear. The yellow is not that bright like the green, but is more than enough. The different colors enhance the front sight acquisition a lot. Be aware that during nighttime they can light through the clothes.
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    Stick with green lamps as they are less apt to blend in with muzzleflash. Also if you go to Trijicon"s website for instance, you will find that the lamps life expectancy is color specific as well. Green lasts the longest at 12 years. I have some green Meprolights that are about 13 years old this year and they still have about 10% of their original brightness. Currently waiting for my smith to change them out for me. Going with Trijicons this time around.
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    I like a green front. It stands out more than most and my eye is drawn to it.
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    My TruGlo TFO's are yellow rear and green front. The green jumps for me.
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    I am VERY happy with my yellow rear/green front Trijicons! I won't use green/green again if I can help it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Thumper View Post
    I am VERY happy with my yellow rear/green front Trijicons! I won't use green/green again if I can help it.


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    Green front yellow rear for me too.
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    Trijicon, yellow front/green rear.
    A quick reminder that our eyes pick up green the easiest out of all other colors. Since the focus should be (mostly) on the front sight, it makes sense to me to have it be green.
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