just an observation or 2

just an observation or 2

This is a discussion on just an observation or 2 within the Related Gear & Equipment forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; ive noticed some colors lend themselves better to concealed carry. seems that medium greens and tans don't seem to show any out lines of my ...

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Thread: just an observation or 2

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    just an observation or 2

    ive noticed some colors lend themselves better to concealed carry.
    seems that medium greens and tans don't seem to show any out lines of my weapon where white and black both seem to show some outline around the butt of my sigma. red seems to print a little too.
    I'm wondering if its the way shadows play on different colors or is it that the greens and browns are just naturally have a more cammi type play on light
    I'm new at carry so i tend to think of all these great revelation on how to better carry sure you fellas thats been doing this a while got all this down lol btw floral print over shirts just make my gun disappear guess that tacky Hawaiian shirt i got in Maui has a use after all

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    I don't know for certain but would imagine, as stated, that lighter colors would show more shadows within the "folds" near the grip area. Might be a cool experiment with cheap Hanes Tshirts form Wallyworld. You could get 5 colors or so and take pics. I'm not sure if any of us are that bored, though.

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    I do think mid range colors and of course real patterned prints do best - they deceive the observer's eye I think and also yes, probably shadow relief due to lighting is more masked.

    To be honest the only part of my piece I even consider as being ''printable'' is the grips base/mag - and really that is only if I bend forward carelessly - otherwise my cover clothes hang off me such that there is a natural space around waist.
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    I was just noticing this the other day! Now that its warm/hot most of the time, I carry a Commander size 1911 in a C-TAC. The darker colors seem to "hide" it better. Also, I think I'm part lumberjack as I have a TON of plaid shirts. These work best of all. Like camo I guess... The pattern breaks up the outline of the grip.


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    The pattern breaks up the outline of the grip.
    Pretty much the essence of effective camouflage.

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    yes a outlandish print Shirt really helps hiding the gun i think black and a dark blue t-shirts really work too

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