I need some serious help.... with a light.

This is a discussion on I need some serious help.... with a light. within the Related Gear & Equipment forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; So I have always been a die hard Surefire fan. Always used them, always loved them since the military days. This morning, I had some ...

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Thread: I need some serious help.... with a light.

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    Question I need some serious help.... with a light.

    So I have always been a die hard Surefire fan. Always used them, always loved them since the military days. This morning, I had some time to go shopping at my local Tri-State outfitters and noticed some other lights on display. They had a Streamlight display. Normally, I wouldnt have given it a second look, but this one just drew me to it. I did what any curious person would do when something says 120 lumens, pointed it at my eyeball and pushed the little button on the back making me totally blind for about 5-6 minutes. I think I am still seeing spots. So I went to work and being a Monday, not really much to do. Except for looking at tactical flashlights online! We (our shop) only carries Surefire. So I am watching a Nutnfancy video and that pretty much shot down my hopes for a Streamlight showing me something much better.

    Now, I dont mean to bash Nutnfancy, but I dont really listen to him much. I like to figure out what works best for me and feel some of his "tests" are flawed. That aside, I still like to watch and see what he says and when he showed a video comparing a Surefire against a Streamlight against a Fenix... I was blown away. So I started looking into Fenix. I like the TR11 but think its too big for EDC. I am not into all those stupid functions like low, med, or high beam, strobe, sos, etc. I just want to push a button and the light turns on to the highest intensity it can produce. I will tell you why in a second. I also need a clip. My current Surefire does not have one and its not the brightest thing in the world. I like having the clip so I can just clip it in my pocket instead of having it rolling around inside my pocket like my current Surefire does. Its also harder to get at.

    I have read a few threads mentioning the Fenix line of lights, and like what I see. Many people like the PD3 or the PD2 or something. But they have all those unnecessary features that would get all jumbled up and have no real use in my tactical mind. This light wont be used for anything other than shooting or self-defense, so it doesnt have to be dim or other things. Just needs to be blinding bright with a momentary thumb switch so I can do my own strobing how I was trained and how I train others.

    So this is what I need:
    Bright!! At least 120 lumens
    Thin for EDC
    Clip for attaching to the inside of my pocket or belt
    I prefer the CR123 batts
    It has to have a momentary on/off switch!
    and if it doesnt get in the way of going from off to incredibly BRIGHT with just a bit of pressure on the button, maybe some of those other features.

    I like the Fenix, I like the Steamlight... not as good as in the videos, and I love Surefire (Trust me, I would get another one if I could afford it and it preformed like a Fenix). I know what you carry and use, as I have read the previous threads, I am not looking for that. I am looking for recommendations on what you have used in the past, how well it works, if it meets my needs I listed above, or even other tactical hand held flashlights that might meet my needs. If I might have overlooked something, please tell me. I need your help guys/gals. I wouldnt write this long thread if I didnt.

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    Oh another thing, I really do appreciate all your advice and I do take it all in. So anything you all tell me, I will look into. I just need a light that will work for what I need it to do. I need it to blind someone for a split second to disorientate them and allow me to make a positive ID and possibly take out the target. I carry a Maglite in my truck, and have other flashlights through out the house. I want to start carrying this light ALL day and not just at night like I do now. I only carry my surefire at night because it doesnt go on my belt or clip into my pocket, and feels bulky inside my pocket. Many times my plans have changed and I have found myself outside, at night, with no light.

    I just need you alls .02 on this. I know this subject has been beaten to death, and I hope my problem is unique enough to gain some sort of response. I dont want something worth $20. I believe you get what you pay for... to some degree. I also want something with some sort of warranty. I like those.

    Thank you so much!

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    SD flashlights are a subject that 29 individuals will have 45 opinions, so good luck. I'm not trying to sell you on anything, just sharing.

    I started out with SureFire, then I went the experimental route traveling through the Cabela's catalogs, the Gander Mt. stores and purchased a number of lights...some were OK, but nothing matched the durability of SureFire, not to mention SureFire's customer service...if you need it.

    Finally, throughout he last couple of years, I had some of my 'quality, low price' lights just quit working.

    I went back to SureFire. I still had my E2e, but I wanted a blinding light...I got this... L4 LumaMax® from SureFire - 100 Lumen LED Flashlights. At a 100 lumens it does the job.
    Yep, it was expensive, but it has been dropped, drowned, and banged without failure. I know that if it should ever have a problem, SureFire WILL stand behind it.
    I'm now a SureFire believer.
    If I would have saved the dollars spent on the flashlight search, my L4 LumaMax would have been 'free'.
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    I am a noobie here, and just recently got a Fenix PD20. It does everything you want, except for the momentary switch. it has the six different modes, dim to bright, SOS, strobe, etc. CR123 battery - if you want two, I think the PD30 has two batteries. It does have a clip, which I removed, and just pocket carry it along with my keys. At 190 lumens, it is more than bright enough - Although I have never tried to look straight at it!!

    There are several like this, including the Quark or something by 4Sevens. They will run $50-$60, and are all about the same. One downside to the Fenix is the instructions....or lack of. Very simple, it just doesn't have any to speak of. They do provide a spare button cap and o-ring. I recommend it.

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    I have researched this a good bit lately for me as a BOB light and for a gift for my groomsmen. I am leaning toward the Fenix LD20, or the TK Series of lights. They seem to be the best bang for the buck. That being said I just have not seen any quality compare to Surefire, even though they are a bit spendy. G and R Tactical used to give a 20% discount to DC members...might check over there.
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    Quote Originally Posted by retsupt99 View Post
    II got this... L4 LumaMax® from SureFire - 100 Lumen LED Flashlights. At a 100 lumens it does the job:
    That's what we were issued in Spec Ops before I retired. Great little light. Mine has had all kinds of abuse as you can imagine and I've never had to send it back for any repairs or replacement.

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    Look at these.
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    I have the Fenix PD30 220 lumen. Super bright and easy to use. 2 CR 123

    I got this as a tac light, but find myself using it for everyday use. Well worth the $60 from Amazon.

    If you choose this light, pay the extra $10 bucks and get the defender model.
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    If you don't care for the extra features on the fenix, you don't have to use them. On my ld20 (aa batteries), if you turn the head of the light it stays in the brightest position. You press the tail cap and you get full bright. You can press the tail cap lightly again to get strobe or press normal and it turns off. If you want to use the dimmer settings or SOS, you have to turn the head clockwise. Leave the head in position for bright mode and and it meets your needs.

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    You want an Surefire E2D Led... I have 200 lumens, momentary switch with the bright light 1st and a crenelated bezel.

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    I carry a Novatac 120T. It has everything you are asking for and it includes a disorienting strobe which I really like. I know you said you have your method for strobe and that is cool with me. A continuous press on the switch of this light activates the strobe. I like the strobe activation on this because you merely tighten your grip on your gun or hold down your thumb and you have strobe. I think that helps when fine motor skills are gone, but again this is JMO. It is small, lightweight, and easy to use. JMO, but I like this one over Surefires that I have used or looked at. I have not used anything else. I carry in pocket or in my custom mag/light holder.
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    Quote Originally Posted by varob View Post
    I have the Fenix PD30 220 lumen. Super bright and easy to use. 2 CR 123

    I got this as a tac light, but find myself using it for everyday use. Well worth the $60 from Amazon.

    If you choose this light, pay the extra $10 bucks and get the defender model.
    I've got this same light... also from Amazon and I have to say it is great.

    Sure it has lots of options, but when you screw the head down tight (thats how I keep it), the button does one thing.

    It turns on the light in it's brightest (220 lumen) Turbo mode. Thats really all I want from it. Simple easy.

    Sure I can fiddle with all the different modes, but what for?

    If I had it to do over again, I might go for the LD20, which is slightly bigger and not quite as bright, but uses AA batteries. The Fenix is a fantastic quality device though.

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    I prefer single mode carry light myself. I picked up an InForce 6V last week and so far, I love carrying this thing. Owned by the same company that owns Inova. They have some nice lights.

    INFORCE LED Flashlights, Weapon Mountable | Products
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    I have about 7 different Fenix lights. All of them are great and most of them have different brightness modes that can be selected to leave on at the brightest setting.

    PM me if you need some more info.

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    Hi Avenger, you have some reasonable requests for this light!
    Bright LED, EDC size (I assume a single 123A), with a clip and momentary. Initially I would suggest the Fenix PD20, but that light does not have a momentary switch although it fits all the other criteria that you mention.

    Some lights that fit all your criteria that you should consider are the 4Sevens Quark Tactical at 206 lumens and the Nitecore Extreme at 200 lumens.

    For me personally anything larger that a single cell is too big for true EDC but I guess that's up to you to decide! There are a few more options if you wouldn't mind EDCing a 123Ax2 light. Anyway, hope this helps!

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