What Are You Handloading Right Now?

What Are You Handloading Right Now?

This is a discussion on What Are You Handloading Right Now? within the Reloading forums, part of the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics category; How about a running thread on Forum handloading endeavors? I'm frequently handloading while looking in on the Forum. We could share data, tips, and favorite ...

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Thread: What Are You Handloading Right Now?

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    What Are You Handloading Right Now?

    How about a running thread on Forum handloading endeavors? I'm frequently handloading while looking in on the Forum.

    We could share data, tips, and favorite loads as long as everyone understands that all load combinations placed here should be checked against published data with the greater weight given to most current data. Don't take anything at face value and work up to a likely looking load for yourself in your own gun.

    I've been working on a batch of .38 Special target loads off and on for the past few days. It's an old standby for many .38 Special shooters.

    A whiff of Bulls-Eye powder, in the amount of 2.8 grains, a lead 148 grain hollow base wadcutter, and a standard small pistol primer. I'm currently using some bulk packed Hornady bullets with knurling on their sides rather than the typical lube grooves. These work well around 750 or a bit less and don't lead. The bullets are seated a whisker above flush with the case mouth and with the merest hint of crimp. They will make 695 fps over my chronograph from a 4-inch .38 Special and only 12 fps more from an 8 3/8-inch barrel.

    A pleasant time may be had at the range trying to shoot tiny groups with one of the quality target grade .38 Special revolvers from bygone times. A side benefit to loads of this type is that it makes a good training load when introducing a new shooter to the wonders of the revolver. Great for gals shooting lightweight small-framed snubs. Factory 148 grain hollow base wadcutter loads are available for those who don't handload.

    The best effort with the Colt Officer's Model Match shooting 10 shots at 10 yards has beat the Smith & Wesson Model 14 K-38 Masterpiece up to this point.

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    this weekend

    well currently not reloading anything, but this past weekend spent processing a few hundred .270 Cases resizing and getting ready to prime. After that while they were tumbling I processed and batch of .38 S&W Starline brass depriming and expanding. Overall it was quite enjoyable since it had been a while since the last time I messed with the ole reloading bench.

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    I get similar results to your Officer's Match from my 4" Python - 2.8 gr B'eye over 158 gr Keith SWC.

    I wish I had an OM and a M14. I am jealous!

    Oops, I ignored your original question. I'm working up loads in .40 S&W with Barry's plated 155 gr FPs.
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    currently on .40sw winchester brass, getting ready to try my hand at some .380s.

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    The batch a couple of days ago was 9mm Para: 147gr Zero FMJ over 3.5gr of Hodgdon Titegroup with a Federal small pistol primer. OAL is 1.130" and neck crimp is 0.381".

    I need to chrono these. At 3.2gr of powder, I was at 850fps, which is borderline for IDPA minor power factor. At 3.4gr, they were still very noticeably soft shooting. I want to get a load that runs right around 900fps for this bullet.
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    After moving twice in one year, I finally got the loading bench back in action yesterday. Running low on 45 ACP and this was the first run of those and the first setup in more than a year. Took a while yesterday but I cranked out enough for samples and ran them through the M&P. All good, time to cook up a batch.
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    right now I've been reloading ranier 147 grain truncated solids to try and match my federal HST'S so My shooting will be the same.I use them for target practice.3.9 231powder,

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    .455 265 gr lead 3.7gr of Unique
    .40 175gr lead 4.0 gr of titegroup
    9mm 124gr lead/FMJ 4.0 gr of titegroup
    .45acp 200 lead SWC titegroup but can't remember the grains
    357Sig 124gr XTP 6.2gr Unique
    .223 55gr FMJ 21.7gr IMR 4320
    .308 150gr plated 37.1grs IMR 4320
    .303 165gr Frontier rangers IMR 4320 but can't remember the grains

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    right now i got one dillon 550 setup for 9mm and a second dillon 550 setup for 45 acp. in about 2k rounds i am going to change to 38sp and 44 mag. also been working on some 223 with a single stage press.
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    .223/ 55gr. Hornady SP. 24.5 grns. of H335
    9mm/ 124 gr. Berry's RN, with 4.2 grns of Win.231
    .45ACP/ 200 gr. LRN 4.5 grns. of Unique
    9mm/ 147 gr. LRN 3.8 grns. of Unique

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    central NH
    Dillon 550B.....Loading .45ACP exclusively (for now....):
    Just picked up 500 pcs. of mixed brass...sorted and cleaned most of it.

    6.0gr Unique under Hornady 230gr FMJ/RN...OAL:1.27"

    Still finding it tricky to get consistent powder "throws" with the Dillon measure.....I'm loading each cartridge individually.....time-consuming -- but I'm in NO HURRY!!

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    Hiding inside a bottle of Jim Beam Black in S. FL.
    .45 ACP for my Glock 30 (230 LRN on 5.3 grns H-38)and am currently making 9x18 Makarov cases (3.5 grns H-38 on 93 grn LRN) from 9mm Lugar (9x19) cases for my CZ-82. Hope to get out to the range later this week to try them out.

    In the past: .38 Spec., .357 Mag., .41 Mag., .30 Herrett, .223, 30-06, 12 and 20 ga shotshells. Sill use a single-stroke press to crank them out.
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    Loading 1000 rounds of 38 spl 148g HBWC. The same Hornady bullet you are using. Loading for target, rabbit and vermin. At fifeteen yards the holes touch. Almost no recoil. Very little noise. Thats why I like them for rabbits and vermin (no hearing protection). Loading with 2.6g of 700X. 700X burns very clean with this load. I have had some residue with 125g JHP.

    When I get a day off I am going to try them out at 50 yards. Using Ruger GP 100, 4 inch barrel and S&W mod 60, 2 1/4 inch barrel and S&W 686+, 4 inch barrel. No leading. No fouling. I have not chono'd yet. Will chrono this weekend. Not that it matters, what ever velocity they are at is ok with me.
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    9mm 124 Berry's HP Win231. 4.4 grains

    40 135 grain nosler Win 231 don't remember thee powder load out of a G35 I was able to hit Lipscomb target at 185 yards two handed unsupported.
    223 varget with 50 grain vmax shooting varget I thinkk 23 grains

    .308 150 gr loading varget can't remember the actual load but it was about 2700 fps.
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    What OAL are you using on the 124gr Berry's?

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