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    Hi All
    Where do you get most of your brass ? Range , online or just what youve fired looking for more.
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    About half of my current batch of brass is rounds I've bought, half is range brass. I'm not loading max loads and not trying to put all my shots thru the same hole, so I don't bother to separate brands anymore.

    Used to shoot bunches of mil .223 brass when I lived in WA., but no more need for it in FL.

    I pick up .45 ACP where I can. I've never had a problem with it. I've also begun to collect 9mm Lugar brass so I can convert it to 9x18 Makarov. Not too many shoot the 9 Mak, and most of those who do shoot Brown Bear or some other cheap unreloadable junk. So I end up trimming the 9mm for the Mak. A bit tedious but doable.
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    Depends ...

    I have some brass picked up from a range, but the majority was purchased as once-fired from various sources over the years.

    I also have a large supply of virgin brass for those calibers that once-fired isn't available for.
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    1st, shot with store bought for about a year, so got tons of ammo that way.
    2nd, I ran a range for a year, so I got any leftover brass I wanted
    3rd, If I find someone shot a cal I need at my local range now, Ill go ahead and pick it up.

    Certainly dont buy any. If I cant get what I need at a range, I would buy new and fire myself.
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    If the range cleans and sells brass I will only pick up my brass.

    Where I get mine is once fired from me, friends, online sources, and (if the range doesn't collect brass) the range.
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    i pick up my own brass and that of others. I'm not accurate enough to worry about the brass i use diminishing my accuracy and I'm not financially sound to be buying too much brass. Only brass I've bought is some .380 and possibly 9mm which if I did turned out to be a waste of money seeing as how I can easily pick up over 1k from IPSC matches of 9 mm.

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    I buy once fired and use it until it is lost or splits. Mostly .40 and .357 sig as the brass is easy to get.

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