IMR 4064 for 45ACP

IMR 4064 for 45ACP

This is a discussion on IMR 4064 for 45ACP within the Reloading forums, part of the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics category; I'm REAL new to this reloading. My uncle handed over a Lyman press, dies, scales, the works. He also gave me 8 cans for DuPont ...

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Thread: IMR 4064 for 45ACP

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    Cool IMR 4064 for 45ACP

    I'm REAL new to this reloading.
    My uncle handed over a Lyman press, dies, scales, the works. He also gave me 8 cans for DuPont IMR 4064.
    All I need for now is handgun loads.
    Everywhere I have looked they say nothing about using that powder for 456acp... soooo, no go...correct?
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    IMR 4064 is a rifle powder, just slightly slower than Varget. It is a little slow even for 223, but definately too slow for 45acp. Don't throw it away, you may be able to use it later for something else, or swap (unopened cans only).

    Good luck,

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    Definetly don't use for 45acp. Like was said, it is a rifle powder with completley different charicteristics of burning rates and pressures.

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    i use unique 6.0 230 grain bullet

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    As mentioned, 4064 is used in rifle cartridges. It is a long extruded powder resembling pencil lead. I loaded many 30-06 cartridges with it, but, it is definitely a No-No for pistol cartridges. Shotgun powders are often used, and make very good pistol powders. Unique, Red Dot, WSF, just to name a few.

    Pistol powder is much finer ball or flake. Get your self a good reloading manual before you start, read it, and then consider which powder might work best based on the reloading data in that book.

    You will likely find many loads will include Unique powder or WW 231/HP-38. Another very versatile powder is Accurate #5.

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    Don't use it in a pistol cartridge. Keep it for rifle ammo or trade it.

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    Besides, it doesn't meter accurately enough thru a powder measure for the tiny loads a pistol would use. Stick with old faithfuls, like Bulleye, Unique and such.
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    Unique, WW 231/HP-38, Bullseye, 700X, any of these would be great along with just about any fast shotgun powder like red dot or clays just google 45acp reloading data.
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    Whoa, guy. Slow way down.

    Read the book "ABC's of Reloading" cover to cover. Twice. Then venture out and supply yourself with necessary equipment and components.

    Get at least two load manuals. Adhere to the safety and workup methods taught in the aforementioned book. Read, learn, then load carefully.
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    I agree with all. I use IMR powders exclusively for my rifle reloads from the 22-250 to the .308win including the 4064. It is a rifle powder and it's a cylindrical powder grain. Not for handgun cartridges.

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    Quote Originally Posted by anthony59 View Post
    i use unique 6.0 230 grain bullet
    Same here!!! .45ACP is (for now.....) the only caliber I load.....and, working from the Lyman 49th Manual, loaded my very first rounds with a 230gr Hornady FMJ/RN over 6.0gr of Unique....I've shot this load out of everything from a 5" 1911 to a 3" 1911 to a Glock 36.....
    GREAT target load....reliable....and easy to load*......
    (* - USED AS DIRECTED!!)
    YES! Keep the IMR for rifle cartridges....Unique, Bullseye or W231/HP 38 for pistols....
    Stay Safe!!

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