.357 sig reloading recipes ?????

.357 sig reloading recipes ?????

This is a discussion on .357 sig reloading recipes ????? within the Reloading forums, part of the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics category; i just bought my first press, a lee breech lock challenger. i know not the best, but all i can efford right now. having alot ...

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Thread: .357 sig reloading recipes ?????

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    .357 sig reloading recipes ?????

    i just bought my first press, a lee breech lock challenger. i know not the best, but all i can efford right now. having alot of fun with it. so far i've only loaded up several test rounds for my (wifes) 9mm. i haven't shot them as yet, wanted to wait for the .357 sig dies to come in the mail and load a few testers. i have to make the best of range fees and drive time.

    reloading supplies are of short supply anywhere near me (10+miles). most that do carry them are for the more popular cals. .357sig bullets not being one of them. there are a few choices but i may have to go internet for what i need.

    anyway, i've been searching the net for info and data for ideas of what to try first.
    for my first loads, i want to stay with the major manufacturers offerings. i think i've settled on using a speer 125g tmj fn bullet. for powder i have titegroup. i would like to try another type to compare the two. i was thinking of aa#7 or power pistol. possibly something that i can use with the 9mm loadings also, but i'm not limited to using an exclusive powder type just for the .357 sig. if it meters well. possibly aa#9 as i'm concerned with set back. but i fear compressed loading after reading the dangers in my manual. i like to follow directions. but i'm very green at loading.
    flash and boom don't deture me. as i also shoot a 44 mag and muzzle loaders. quite used to fireballs and noise. most of my shooting has been outside so far, but indoor ranges in winter have there merit. i don't see much as to how clean these powders burn.

    i have two manuals both lyman. 49th edition and the pistol & revolver 3rd. both parrot the same loading data. they're pretty genaric with bullet usage. i.e: 125gn hp, 147gn tmj ect. i searched the speer site for data, but found nothing. maybe i over looked a clicking i don't know? i emailed them for a request days ago. no replies yet.

    i found a few recipes on the net. not very much for the speer tmj bullets other then being prefered for the .357 sig. and yes i have learned the dangers and to not use other's recipes that arn't published data.

    i'm not looking to load "mag" or "hot"rounds just a nice practice round with good preformance. at this point in my learning curve i'd like to stay with a quality jacketed bullet. with more experence, plated and lead will work their way into a recipe. but they have there own constrants. solving one problem at a time is my prerogative.

    what i'm looking for is other's experence with these speer 125gn tmj bullets, or recommendations for like others with good neck retention.
    powders and amounts used and preformance. primers used and prefered and other recipes goodies. again this is only for refrence purposses to research future recipes.

    i'll be loading for my M&P357c

    thanks for sharing.


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    I find 357Sig a finicky round to reload and may not be the best choice to learn on. Getting the crimp just right is hard and your OAL is very important. If you must start on this round then be sure to take your first 10 rounds and load them into a mag and see if they get compressed or not. Some OAL's will not fit the mags you have.

    Currently I load 6grs of Unique behind 124gr XTP's

    One of the best rds to reload with is .40cal, it has a straight walled case and components are about the same costs as reloading 9mm. cases are easy to come by. It can be very economical to reload with titegroup. I have yet to find a receipe for titegroup in 357sig, perhaps the powder is to fast for the case volume?

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    i have found a few recipes for tite group. i was thinking i'd also try another type of powder like aa #9 or something i could use in both the 9mm and sig like power pistol or AA#7 because of the amount of recipes availble snd good preformance.

    the problem i've finding is bullet selection to fit the small necks for these rounds is next to nil. i selected the speer 125g tmj fn for my first loads. i then called around to locate some at my LGS'. what i found out is locating any reloading componets for any caliber locally is a crap shot at best. i have a couple more places to call today, i favor the mom and pop shops, but it looks like its going to be an internet shopping trip.

    i have however found some lead and plated offerings, but i would like to cut my teeth on a jacketed bullet to elimate one more problem area to add into my first loading mix . later, i can see the merits of lead and such equating into the cost factor. but for now one problem at a time.

    looking at the bullet size data provided by the manufactures that i have seen. bullet diameter measurements are usually only oal lenght and diameter at the base. very few are given the taper or bearing surface/ clamp area.

    can anyone offer some choices in a non plated type jacketed round?

    thanks for the info and reply colin

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    I just started loading up .357 Sig last week. I would use the slower powders with this round. After some experimentation, I settled on a loading of 8.5gr of Blue Dot with a Precision Delta 124gr FMJ. OAL is 1.155. The Speer book recommends 1.135, but I load longer to get a better crimp. Works well in my G31 and M&P .357 mags. At around 1.163 the Glock mags begin to jam up. I am using Lee dies, with a Lee factory crimp die, in a Dillon 550B. As for a non-plated/jacketed bullet, take a look at Precision Bullets' 125gr flat point. I haven't used them in a while, need to order some more, but they look like the bearing surface will work well in a narrow crimp band like the .357 Sig. Here's a link:

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