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This is a discussion on Reloading Savings within the Reloading forums, part of the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics category; Originally Posted by jem102 This is what its really all about. Handloading becomes an extension of your shooting enjoyment, knowledge and proficiency. I would not ...

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Thread: Reloading Savings

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    Quote Originally Posted by jem102 View Post
    This is what its really all about. Handloading becomes an extension of your shooting enjoyment, knowledge and proficiency. I would not recommend starting with the sole thought of costing as my driver.

    I started reloading so I could match loads to varmint rifles for accuracy. I reload everything I shoot out of a rifle. I have several rifles that have never had a factory round fired in them since I've owned them. My CZ527 American in .223 is my go-to ground hog rifle. I've killed several hundred of them with it shooting nothing but reloads optimized for minimum group size. No store sells ammo that shoots into tiny little groups like that does.

    I reload for .17Remington, .223 Remington, .22-250 Remington, .243 Winchester, 7mm Rem Mag, and .30-06 Springfield in rifles, .380, .38Sp, 9mmP, .357 Mag, .45LC, .45ACP in handguns. I love every minute I spend doing it. Very relaxing, very gratifying.

    Branched into handguns when I started loading ammo for my .45 LC Ruger BlackHawk. Moved to progressive press for semi-auto handgun ammo. I reload 9mmP for cost savings. Everything else is custom loaded for accuracy in the particular gun.


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    As others have opined, bulk purchases of projectiles is the way to go, as they will be the most expensive component. You will be hard pressed to get your total reloading cost per 50 rounds of .45 ACP below $10.00 bucks...that's what I am currently expending to reload .45 ACP 230 grain will be slightly less, $9.50 per 50 rounds, if you utilize 185 grain JHP. The real savings in the long term will be observed by the life-expendency of your brass......the better the quality of brass will enhance the number of times each piece is serviceable.

    I have found that Speer (CCI), Norma, and Remington brass to be exceptional, especially in .38/.357 & .44Special/.44 Mag. I have brass circa 1976 that has been reloaded 16-18 times, most with full house, Max Load "Rhino Rollers" with few case failures. 90% of my primer pockets are still tight, and those whose pockets have lossened up a bit, I can still load .38 Special & .44 Special plinking loads for training fun. Unfortunately, I have not been as successful with Remington, Speer & Norma .45 ACP Brass......usually can only get 8-10 reloads per case....but it is one heck of a lot better than some of the junk brass now provided by Federal, Winchester, PMC, Wolf, Fiocci, and others. I am lucky if I can get 3-5 reloadings before case failure. Once upon a time....when quality meant something & economic profits could be realized without gouging the flock!

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