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This is a discussion on Handpress Question within the Reloading forums, part of the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics category; I'm leaning towards turret. It can be slow if I want it too, but I'm not having to buy a second press if I want ...

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Thread: Handpress Question

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    I'm leaning towards turret. It can be slow if I want it too, but I'm not having to buy a second press if I want to speed things up later on. Would rather spend an extra $10 for turret and not use it, than have to spend $100 for a new press later.

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    Quote Originally Posted by farronwolf View Post
    I can change out an entire caliber with dies set on a turret press as quickly as I can change one die on a single stage.
    It takes maybe 15-20 sec (probably less) to swap a die? So in swapping 3 dies it takes less than a minute total. So the big time savings is...? A half-minute or so? Versus how much in costs for the turret press (and extra turrets)? I don't see it. I've been waiting my whole life for my ship to come in; I think I have an extra minute to spare to swap out dies.

    I reprime with my Lee handprimer while watching TV. (I'm a multi-tasker.) Then all my cases are ready in the ammo boxes, allsized, flared, and primed for my next loading session.

    Glockman10mm has it right, reloading is just another hobby that goes along with the shooting. Hobbies aren't meant to be rushed. But for those who consume ammo in massive quantities ( and wouldn't we all like to!), the progressive loaders will definitely step up the pace.
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    I guess it boils down to the way that I reload. Like I said I don't like to leave primed brass, so in one evening I might go back and forth between stage 2 and 3 on the press, 3, 4 or even 5 times, which would be up to ten changes.

    To each his own. The press Lee turret is pretty inexpensive.
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    Hand press is a good tool for reloading say 50 rounds at a time. If you search there are some old threads where we covered it in great detail. I started with one a couple of years ago and still use it. I used if for about 1 1/2 yrs exclusively. Of course I do have a mounted single stage press now, but I still use the handpress. I often resize and deprime with it, then re-prime them with a hand tool in my easy chair with it while watching tv. It is a good tool to learn with, as is a single stage press. I got the hand press, then learned and loaded with it as I added die sets and powder measures, etc. Once I had all the other stuff I needed, after about a year of slowly acquiring this and that, I bought a single stage press on ebay for $27 and mounted it to my table.

    I don't load a lot of rounds, so it's all I need. If I shot a lot more and needed to reload more than 200 a month I would move to a turret press. The hand press would be capable of doing all I need really, but a bench mount press is a bit more comfortable to work with, especially if doing more than 50 rounds in a sitting.
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    Quote Originally Posted by OldVet View Post
    A handpress is okay for rifle shooters who reload the same few shells over and over while sitting at the bench. They're not very practical for handguns shooters who tend to go thru many more rounds between reloadings. While you could make it do in a pinch, I think you'd quickly want to progress to something more practical and regret buying the handheld.

    A decent single stage setup is idea for any beginner. They're slower than a progressive, faster than the handheld, and if you set things up right, space is not much of an issue.

    I no longer have the basement and heavy duty reloading bench I once had in WA., and space is more limited in my FL home. I mounted my single-stage press on a small piece of 5/8" plywood and clamp it to the kitchen counter when I load (Needless to say, I do it while the wife is out, although she knows I do it). I'd prefer to have a setup in the garage but it's simply too hot and humid. I also clamp my powder dropper the same way. When I'm finished, the clamps come off and everything goes into a cabinet.

    I consider the scoops marginal at best. Nothing beats a good powder dropper for speed and consistancy. It also allows more powder options; you simply readjust the dropper to the new power settings.

    If you check around, I think you can get into a Lee Challenger single-stage press setup for @$120.
    I'll agree with this reply. I'm a rifle re-loader that hasn't got into pistol reloading. Volume almost dictates you get a good progressive press. There's where I see the difference in "hand-loads" and reloads. Rifle re-loads are custom 20-50 rounds for any specific caliber each year for me. I've always used the Lee original loaders. Pistol and volume? You'll need something more IMO. Starting out might be okay, but IMO....you'll be spending money that will quickly be disposed of. Dippers or a powder measure....either way.....you'll want a scale to throw consistent charges. Even if you get the top of the line do everything press, you'll need to check it periodically.

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    The Lee hand press is well worth its value. I have a pair that are in almost constant use.

    However......yep.......there is always a however. The Lee hand press, IMHO is only good for sizing straight walled cases. For a shouldered case, the sizing operation requires a lot of pressure and the Lee flexes. While I do load shouldered rifle cases with the Lee, those cases are sized in an RCBS Rockchucker.

    Just my $0.02


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    If you can find a Lyman 310 tool with the calibers that your reloading it's by far the best hand held reloading tool you will find. Ebay has several listed at any given time, and they can get a little pricey, but they are worth the money in my opinion.

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