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Square Deal B or 550 ?

This is a discussion on Square Deal B or 550 ? within the Reloading forums, part of the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics category; Thank you Cammo Girl. I browsed through that section and I'm sure I will be spending a lot of time there. Your link is much ...

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Thread: Square Deal B or 550 ?

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    Thank you Cammo Girl.

    I browsed through that section and I'm sure I will be spending a lot of time there. Your link is much appreciated.


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    Biker, some late input. I have both a SDB and a 550B. I started with two SDB, one for .45 ACP and the other alternated with 9 MM and .40. It does take a bit longer to change caliber on the SDB than on the 550. When I started shooting more .223, I thought long and hard and sold my SDB for 9 and .40 (w/ the quick change kits). I bought a 550B with quick change for 9 MM, .40 S&W and .223. I went through Brian Enos at Brianenos.com. I spent about one hour on the phone with him and he saved me quite a bit of money by cutting out duplicate parts. Overall, I got two pistol and one rifle w/ quick changes for each at under $1K. The setup CD on the 550B is a real plus. Watch it and you can setup the 550 B in a very short time. It literally takes about 5 minutes to change calibers and check the powder setting.

    That being said, I kept my SDB for .45 ACP. I can crank out 400-500 rds in about one hour. That does not include the time to reload all the extra primer tubes. Having extra primer tubes for either machine is highly recommended. I like the convenience of the SDB once I have my load selected for plinking and training. Keep it clean and it cranks along forever. I bought mine used for under the list price. Look at that option. Dillon has never blinked an eye when I call about something I have done to the press. I have spent hours at a time with tech support at Dillon (ok sometimes it was mostly BS about reloading, shooting and the calendar)!

    If it's going to be a year or two before you go into rifle reloading, I wouldn't hestiate about the SDB. When you're ready, keep it and get the 550 setup for rifle. I will admit to having the occasional problem with the primer setup on the 550B but now use a hand primer so it is a non-issue. You will learn as I have that no matter what everyone else does, you will find your own way of doing things and a rhythm that suits you. Either machine helps that process because they work.

    One final thing you will need for either machine is the Dillon Calendar, a must for every relaoding room.

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    as with most that reload, they start reloading one cal. then later they move to a different cal, then a third cal and so on. with the 550 you can reload many different cals, pistol and rifle with ease. with the sdb it is somewhat harder and cost more $$$ to change cals. i got two 550's and several single stage in the mancave. the 550's get 95% of the work.
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    I have been using Dillons since 1984. I would advise you to look at the cost of the Sq deal vs the 550B and then compare cost of caliber changes. If you are only going to reload ONE caliber then the Sq deal maybe the way to go, but if you decide to add another caliber in the mix then then the cost difference between the two gets closer and closer until in the long run the 55B becomes cheaper.

    Off the Dillon site

    Dillon Square Deal 'B------$370.95
    RL 550B----------------------$429.95

    RL 550B Deluxe Quick Change Assembly----$98.95

    Square Deal 'B' Quick Change-----------------$95.95

    Dillon SDB Caliber Conversion Kit--------------$83.95

    RL 550B Caliber Conversion Kit-----------------$44.95

    With the 550B you can use any standard reloading dies, off of ebay for a lower price where the Sq deal uses only Dillon Dies made for the Sq Deal.

    Typical die set off the internet $20-30 USD

    If you get the extra toolhead and set it up for your caliber converison it would only take a couple of minutes to do a caliber conversion on the 550B.

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    buy the 550

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    You've gotten a lot of good replies here. I'll add another. Resale. If the day ever comes where you need to sell the press it should be much easier to sell a multi-caliber press than one only good for a single caliber. I've used the 550 and my personal preference is for another brand of progressive. Thats personal preference only, nothing wrong with the Dillon. If I were to buy Dillon it would be the 550. I load several revolver, pistol and rifle rounds with good success with a progressive so I wouldn't buy two presses myself.

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    Can't speak on the SDB but the 550b it's great press.
    Btw it got two (Hornady LnL AP) progressive presses.

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    sdb and if you want rifle later a lee 4-hole for $90 on sale plus dies is all you'll need.
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    I started rolling my own in '93 using an RCBS Master Reloading. I still load rifle, and some specialty handgun ammo with the Rockchucker that came with it.

    I then purchased an RCBS Turret Press that I load .38/.357, and some 9x19 ammo on.

    After researching and assimilating as much information as I could concerning progressive presses, I decided to buy a Dillon SDB. I shoot a lot of 9x19 ammo, and my little blue auto-indexing progressive has been serving me without issues ever since I set it up. I just recently purchased a quick-change kit for it in .40 S&W.

    I met a champion competitive shooter at the range who uses a Dillon 550, and really likes it. It is more versatile. But I personally prefer the SDB. But this is just my personal preference.

    Any Dillon product is well-worth the expense.

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    I would chose the 550B due to the dies being standard and ability to load rifle. I do single load my 30-06 on my 550B.
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