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Primer Pocket Cleaning Frequency

This is a discussion on Primer Pocket Cleaning Frequency within the Reloading forums, part of the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics category; The Remington 788 was the best kept secret in accuracy in the Remington line-up with the model was current. A bunch of ol' boys in ...

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Thread: Primer Pocket Cleaning Frequency

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    The Remington 788 was the best kept secret in accuracy in the Remington line-up with the model was current. A bunch of ol' boys in my gun club used to play with 788s. It was renown as having the quickest lock time of any bolt action and the good Remington barrels would shoot. Only the trigger design was the weak link as it was not really great. That could be modified and changed out though and the 788 was a terrific value for utility and accuracy. I think the main reason the Model 788 was discontinued was because it cut into sales of the Model 700.
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    pistol?... never...

    rifle?..... maybe once ever 10 loadings or so

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    All my handgun ammo is loaded on a Dillon 550B. It's a progressive press so I never even "see" the primer pockets, never mind cleaning them. The position on the press sizes, deprimes, and reprimes all in the same lever stroke. Cranks out 250 to 300 rounds an hour.

    I do clean the primer pockets on rifle competition ammo that I'll be shooting in ground hog matches at up to 500 yards. Not sure why I clean them, but I do.

    Sometimes, but not often, I'll clean them on ammo for my 7mmMAG. That's it. If I never cleaned another primer pocket it would be too soon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Backroad View Post
    I clean out the primer pockets everytime I reload a batch of shells. A Dremel tool with the little bristle brush bit makes short work of the job. And you can do it while you're watching TV.

    I concur with Backroad's solution....been doing it for years with a vice-fixed, variable speed drill set on low speed on my reloading table....don't take a chance of a hidden primer pocket crack that has been hidden by residue build-up.

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    been reloading for many mango seasons and i only clean if they look real bad.
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