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Lee clasic reloading kit

This is a discussion on Lee clasic reloading kit within the Reloading forums, part of the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics category; Lee Loader is fine for plinking rounds, or if you don't do a lot of reloading. I've used one for years. The dipper required for ...

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Thread: Lee clasic reloading kit

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    Lee Loader is fine for plinking rounds, or if you don't do a lot of reloading. I've used one for years. The dipper required for 357 is different from 38, and you'll have to have both. The rest of loader kit will work ok as is. However, I would suggest getting a Lee hand primer tool. Placing the primer on the rubber base and using a hammer (you'll see in the instructions) can lead to an occasional "surprise" which will sure wake you up.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Freedomofchoice View Post
    The op did not show a single stage press in the link. What he will be using used to be called a "Lee Loader" and there is no press, and it is archaic! You hammer a ring which is the sizer, over the cartridge, then you hammer out the primer with a punch, then you seat a primer etc. etc. etc. .............there is no powder measure, instead you use a dipper and your charge weight is there abouts!

    Don't forget, you are reloading 357 mag which is an extremely high pressure round!
    HAAA. I started out on a Lee Loader, loading 357s, in the late 70s. Yes it is archaic, but for me, at that time, it worked (although it scares me thinking about it now). Thanks for the memories.... For the OP, I would agree that the first purchase needs to be reloading reading material, something like the ABCs of reloading and the Lyman manual. After a lot of study to fully understand the process and how to accomplish it safely, decide the direction you want to go in reloading. I always like to see those new to reloading start with a single stage or a progressive that will operate as a single stage (FWIW).
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