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Crimping Revolver Rounds

This is a discussion on Crimping Revolver Rounds within the Reloading forums, part of the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics category; The Lyman instructions: ... Put an empty sized and neck expanded case into the shell holder. Raise the shell holder to its highest point. Screw ...

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Thread: Crimping Revolver Rounds

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    Per Lyman

    The Lyman instructions: ... Put an empty sized and neck expanded case into the shell holder. Raise the shell holder to its highest point. Screw the die down into the press until you feel the mouth of the case contact the crimp shoulder of the die. Back off 1/4 turn on the die and screw down finger tight on the lock ring.

    Back off on the bullet seating screw about 1/2". Place a cartridge case into the shell holder and start a bullet into the mouth of the case. Raise the shell holder to its highest point and turn down on the seating screw a little at the time until the bullet is seated to the desired depth. ( Alternately turn the seating screw and raise the ram.)

    If you wish to crimp, back off 1/4 turn on the bullet seating screw. Screw the die body down 3/4 of a turn and tighten the lock ring and set screw. Your die is now properly adjusted.

    Now, the above will result in a heavy crimp. You can adjust the amount of crimp by tinkering around with the die body and bullet seating screw.

    The Lee Factory Crimp Die is an excellent tool. I use one for .223. But one is not needed with Lyman 3 die pistol sets.

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    In post #23, Ksholder mentions he has been talking numerous times with Lyman about the problem. It would seem that they would have mentioned the proper procedure to set the die in question.
    It would appear that Ksholder has gotten a "bum" seating/crimping die and has found a workaround to the problem.
    Not all dies are perfect... to that I can certainly attest.


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    I know two guys who are "professional shooters" who use the lee crimp dies for their semi autos, that being said I do not own one ; BTW , both of the gentlemen are using Dillon presses, so it is the dies that they are after.
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    I set the crimp and seat die by first adjust ing the seating part to set the bullet at the correct overall length,then I back the seating part out far enough that it won't make contact with the bullet and adjust the die down on the raised case until It makes contact,I lower the ram and turn the die down 1/2 turn then raise case up,I then check crimp if it's good ok,if it needs more crimp I adjust the die down in 1/4 turns til it's right,then with the loaded case raised up in the seating/crimping die I turn the seating adjustment down until it contacts the bullet,you should be able to seat and crimp without any problems
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