Chronograph help choose

Chronograph help choose

This is a discussion on Chronograph help choose within the Reloading forums, part of the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics category; I have an itch to buy a chronograph. I have been "formula" reloading for many years. (Read the book, load several cases at X grain ...

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Thread: Chronograph help choose

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    Chronograph help choose

    I have an itch to buy a chronograph. I have been "formula" reloading for many years. (Read the book, load several cases at X grain steps and see how bullets group.) I want more control, but I'm also frugal (read cheap). I think I have narrowed my search to the Competition Electronics Prochrono Digital Chronograph, or the Shooting Chrony Beta Master. What are your experences? Is the USB laptop controller for the Prochrono worth the extra $49? Which one is easy to use and understand? Have a suggestion on a "chrony's for dummies" book? Am I just wasting $$ and time and stick to what works?

    Thanks for the help!
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    I have the Competition Electronics one mounted on a camera tripod. Not only does it work well for my .308 rifle rounds, it measures arrow speed out of my bow, too. No complaints here.

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    I also have the Pro Digital and I used it for the first time yesterday. Simple to all the memory space and the fact that you can
    do up to 99 shots and 9 shot strings...I waited till arriving home, sat down with the unit....ran thru all my strings and created a spreadsheet with all
    the data....makes for meaningful reloading.
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    I use an Alpha Chrony. It does everything I need it to do. Checks bullet speed, gives the hi/low, average, individual, extreme spread and standard deviation.

    Does just as well for pistols, rifles and even arrows.

    I think I paid 80 to 100 bucks for it. Don't know if I would use any more of the features if I had bought one that offered more or not.
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    I am in the market myself for one, and I like the CED Millennium 2 Chronograph. It's more expensive, but you can get a skyscreen for it and you can use it in any lighting condition such as blue skies, overcast, dark, fluorescent lighting where many others don't work.

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    I have the Chrony Beta Master & printer... Love this unit, does everything I need and more. THe printer is a great item also, nice to tear off with each string and staple to my record chart for each load...

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    Although I also have a Chrony Beta Master, I didn't waste any additional buck$ on a printer, as I still have the cognizance to do the simple math of recording the observed velocity of each round to find the average velocity one an expect out of a string of projectiles identically prepared. The key in any Chrony is the proper preparation for its usage....utilizing the recommended distance from the muzzle to the reading eye of the on board comp....your most accurate results will be observed when your shots are placed no lower than two (2) inches above the reading eye, but no higher than four (4) inches.....making sure that you utilize the sun screens on a bright, sunshinny day, and discarding them on a cloudy one, and placing your shots dead center above the recording eye. I would recommend that you utilize factory ammunition with a stated average velocity to test the accuracy of the machine, remembering that the manufacture's stated velocity is usually measured from a closed-breech five (5) inch test barrel. If you are using a wheel-gun, the cylinder gap between each cylinder and the barrel can differ by as much as .001 of an inch or more, especially if your cylinder rod is out of plumb. This will give you some wide variances in some cases, but by carefully marking each cylinder with some cheap white nail polish, you will find which cylinders give you the most consistent results, and if necessary, you can take your weapon to your favorite gun doctor for a tune-up. This is a great tool if set-up and used properly...I highly recommend any handloader include one in his/her inventory!

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