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Help with .45 ACP bullet selection

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Thread: Help with .45 ACP bullet selection

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    May I ask why you stopped using lead and switched to copper plated?

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    I usr jacketed bullets in my reloads, don't have to worry about lube, leading or dirty dies. Yes you will get a little copper in your barrel but imho worth the extra cost. I buy my bullets from Montanna gold bullets, you might also look at Zero bullets. Good shooting

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    I prefer for everyday shooting the 200 grain lead SWC. They run perfect in my 1911's and yes I do shoot them some in my G36. Although I have been shooting more berry's plated 200 grain in the Glock these days. Lead will not harm your barrel. The best thing I have found for cleaning lead out of your barrel is what you see in the picture. It has to be pure gum though, no synthetic crap. I use it on my pistols as well as in my uber expensive black powder cartridge rifles and it works. A slightly oversize bore brush is the only other thing you need. Got to be careful around wood finishes with it though.
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    I find little to no leading problems in .45 with good bullets. I second the suggestion of Missouri Bullets. If you have feeding issues, their "flattop" (cone nose) bullets may work better.

    I order the bullets 2000 at a time which have a $12 flat rate shipping charge. Service is quick, typically about three days. Missouri Bullets are around $35-40/500 or about 8 cents each.

    As for lead wearing barrels, it is easier on barrels than copper jacketed bullets.

    Over the years I have used various powders but Winchester Super Target is good, clean, and fairly economical.

    All I use for cleaning is the well known Ed's Red formula, that costs around $15/gallon to make up (K-1 kerosene, mineral spirits, acetone and Dextron ATF). It's a modernized equivalent of an old military bore cleaner. A gallon lasts a long time!

    This cleaner has an action very similar to standard military issue rifle
    bore cleaner, such as Mil-C-372B. Users report it is more effective than
    Hoppe's for removing plastic fouling in shotgun bores, or caked carbon
    fouling in semi-automatic rifles or pistols, or in removing leading in
    revolvers. It is not as effective as Sweets 7.62, Hoppe's Bench Rest
    Nine or Shooter's Choice for fast removal of heavy copper fouling in
    rifle bores. However, because "ER" is more effective in removing caked
    carbon and abrasive primer residues than other cleaners, metal fouling
    is greatly reduced when "ER" is used on a continuing basis.

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    Lead bullets are great in .45ACP since the velocity is so low. There is more residue in the barrel with lead than with copper, but if you should get residue with either, lead is a lot easier to clean than copper. If you get the SWC I would try out a few first since they are known to not feed as easily as RN. I know I had a lot of problems in my FNP-45 with SWC and also in a 1911.
    I also shoot lead bullets in my glock 34 (9mm) without any problems even though the velocity is higher than .45acp.
    If you use lead bullets, your gun will need more cleaning than if you use copper plated bullets. I usually don't shoot more than 200 rounds at a time and I always clean my guns after I shoot them so it has not been a problem for me.

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    I cast my own bullets,and depending on your lead source will usually cost around .02 each,then buying bulk powder and primers figure .02 cents per primer and about .01 to .02 cents for powder,so reloading 100 45 acp for 5 - $6.00 is well worth it,not to mention 0 shipping charges.last time I bought fmj bullets they were around .06 cents ea and that was going in on a large order and splitting shipping costs
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    Quote Originally Posted by clvlndta3 View Post
    May I ask why you stopped using lead and switched to copper plated?
    Basically because it requires less time to clean using the plated than the lead. I also don't have to change the dies when I want to use FMJ after the plated.
    It is just a personal preference. Nothing wrong with using lead if you don't mind the extra time cleaning the barrel ect. I just choose to split the differnce in cost and cleaning between lead and FMJ with the plated.

    I shoot 5 or 6 times as many 9mm than I do 45's and the increased bullet speed does make a difference in the 9mm more so than the 45.
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    I use jacketed or plated, just a little less mess. There is a lead contaminant issue too, be sure to wash up after loading and do so in a ventilated area; not to mention that some ranges now require use of bullets with no exposed lead.
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