Any safe Glock 23 recipes?

Any safe Glock 23 recipes?

This is a discussion on Any safe Glock 23 recipes? within the Reloading forums, part of the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics category; What I have typically heard is that you shouldn't reload 40 S&W for the glock 23. Does anyone know of any recipes that are safe? ...

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Thread: Any safe Glock 23 recipes?

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    Any safe Glock 23 recipes?

    What I have typically heard is that you shouldn't reload 40 S&W for the glock 23. Does anyone know of any recipes that are safe? Is there any situation where it is acceptable to use reloads in this gun?

    It seems like starting loads wouldn't be a problem. I haven't bought 40S&W dies or anything. Want to get opinions before moving forward.

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    I think the reason is because of the under supported area of the chamber that Glock has in that caliber. Many people purchase another barrel that has a three fold advantage.
    1. The chamber is fully supported
    2. You can shoot lead (if standard rifled). Never shoot lead in the factory polygonal rifled barrel.
    3. W/ a 40 cal you can buy a 357 sig (and 9mm I think) barrel and have multiple guns in one.
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    my load for 180 lead and JHP and FMJ out of me glocks and HK is
    6.2gr WSF

    @ 1100FPS

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    In a word, yes! The concerns about Glock unsupported barrels was one that dogged the gen 1 and 2 Glock 23s. I shoot only reloads in my Glock 23 (gen 3). My reloading advice, just too err on the side of caution, if you shoot lead you probably should use an aftermarket barrel, stay away from fast powders (especially with light bullets), and keep the OAL at manual spec or longer. Ring's powder rec is a very good one. I also like Power Pistol for the 40 and regardless of the powder I use, I keep my loads in the mid-range. I load jacketed 180, almost exclusively, but do load some 165 gr. (and have used plated). In terms of loads, just follow your manual(s) recipes.
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    With a 7.7gr load of Longshot under a 180gr Hornady XTP, range pickup brass, OAL of 1.120" I'm chrono'ing 1,186fps out of my G22, and 1,133fps out of my G27.

    An 8.0gr drop is max according to the Hogden website with this bullet.

    This is a snappy round.


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